Worst Things Women Do in Bed

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 16, 2014

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Read some of the worst things women have said/done in bed to many chums like you. You might feel better.
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    Nerve-wrecking Experiences

    A lot of men must definitely have some nightmares-come-true to share with their mates when it comes to conversing about their sex lives. They may spend hours thinking about what women do or not do or why they are the way they are. If you fall into the league, you are not alone. If it provides any solace, read some of the worst things women have said/done in bed to many chums like you. You might feel better. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 2

    Just Lay Dead

    The foreplay goes on for some time and as you pin her down after a passionate kiss, you realise she has frozen into a corpse. She might like to take role play too seriously, but the only role she plays is that of a log of wood. Creepy, isn’t it? Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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    Unfortunately many women do that hurtful thing. And it’s not just your lips that they bite. We can hear you say ouch. You might just want to tell them to keep their teeth off certain sensitive areas because it’s kind of hard-hitting for the strongest men to take. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 4

    Saying No Mid-Way

    Too bad she chickened out in bed. You keep wondering why this women undressed and let you in bed in the first place if all she had to do was play with your hair. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 5

    Laughing at Your Phallus

    Yes, that’s the worst that can happen to any guy. The person who shared this story is still recovering. Imagine you are about to have your first intercourse and your girlfriend squealed out a laugh as soon as you let your buddy out. Too much information! Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 6

    Fake an Orgasm

    How can a man improve his sexual performance if his woman keeps faking orgasm? As long as he thinks she's satisfied, he'll keep doing the same thing, and she'll keep faking. Eventually it will become a vicious cycle. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 7

    Vaginally Unhygienic

    Some women spend so much time putting on makeup and fixing their hair that they forget to give their "girlfriend" a check-up too. Then they wonder why oral sex follows their bath cycle. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 8


    Talking is good but if she brings up “how her best friend has been acting strange” conversations, then God save you. If your woman begins to talk about such things, ask her to go back to playing dead. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 9

    Is It In?

    Humiliating it is when your woman asks you “is it in?” This definitely beats ‘need to talk' on the list of three words men dread to hear from their girls. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 10

    Position Non-Savvy

    Did your girl literally position herself in a number shape when you said position 69? Or did she bark along when you suggested doggy-style? Tch- tch! Get her a sex manual or a drawing toy. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 11

    Brush Your Teeth

    Asking a man to go brush his teeth after he has finished performing his cunnilingus duties is unsexy and can really ruin the mood. Following the same logic, she must also hop to the washroom right away after performing her fellatio duties. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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