The Perfect 3-Step Plan to cut Down the Unwanted Cellulite from your Body

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 28, 2014

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Trying to get rid of cellulite from your thighs, hips, and stomach can give you sleepless nights. But, leave that worry to this 3-step plan that will make you witness dramatic changes in your body.
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    Remove the Unwanted Flab

    The unwanted flab on your thighs, stomach, and hips can become a subject of embarrassment for you. And, to add to your miseries comes the fact that cellulite simply loves to target these parts of your body.

    When you follow an exercise regime for a long time, it can get monotonous, making you feel de-motivated. So, here we give you eight exercises that will tone and strengthen the problematic areas within 20 minutes. A combination of these exercises with a healthy diet and cardio work will get you into your desired shape and the most interesting part about the plan is that it requires only 3-steps and 3 days of your week.

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    Step 1-Cardio

    The first step of this 3-step and 20-minute program consists of a 2-minute warming up session. You could do moderate walking, cycling or stair climbing and then increase the intensity to 8 minutes. Work hard enough that you start breathing fast but make sure you can say short sentences. Lower the intensity and slow down for 2 minutes.

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    Step 2-Strength

    One set of 10 to 15 repetitions of the following exercises must be done to exert the muscles with heavy weight. Your muscles are fatigued when your body gives up and you feel that you cannot work out any further. Don’t stop here. Go slow and count 2 seconds to lift and 4 seconds to lower.

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    Step 3-Flexibility

    Once the training session is over, you must stretch the muscles which have been worked. Stretch each muscle for 20 seconds at least.

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    The Exercises: Dumbbell Squat

    Face your back to a chair and stand with your feet spread apart about your shoulders’ width. Hold the dumbbells with your palms facing in. With your back straight, bend the knees and hips as if you were going to sit. Make sure that your knees don’t move forward over the toes.

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    Hamstring Stretch

    Lie on the floor facing up with your legs extended. With a towel or a rope try to pull each leg towards the chest.

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    Stand straight holding the dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing it. Take a step forward with your right leg and then lower the left knee towards the ground. Your right knee must make a 90-degree angle and the back must be held straight. Go back to the starting position, push your right foot forward and repeat the exercise with your left leg.

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    Quadriceps Stretch

    Stand straight and pull your right foot towards your hip. Do the same with your left leg.

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    Advanced Step-up

    Hold dumbbells and using an aerobic step or regular step, start with both feet on the step. Keep your left foot on the step and step backwards with your right foot. Before you touch the floor, press your left leg to bring the right one back. Repeat one set and then switch legs.

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    Glute Stretch

    Lie down on a flat surface and extend your legs. Pull each knee towards the chest while grasping the thigh.

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    Scissors Press

    Just above the knee, tie an exercise band loosely. Lie down on the floor with your arms placed at your sides and extend your legs above the hips. Spread your feet wide enough for the band to become taut. Slowly move your feet wide apart. Stop when it feels like you cannot stretch any further and slowly bring the feet back to the starting position.

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    Lying Figure-four Stretch

    Lie on the floor with your face up. Cross your right ankle over the left knee and pull the left leg towards your chest. Repeat the same with the other leg.

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    Inner Thigh Squeeze

    While lying on a flat surface, bend your knees a little and raise your legs so as to form a 90-degree angle with the body. Now, place an exercise ball between the knees. Start squeezing your legs together slowly against the resistance of the ball. When the resistance gets tougher, stop pressing and hold this position for 3 seconds. Get back to the starting position slowly.

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    Butterfly Stretch

    Sit on a flat surface and join the soles of your feet together. Put your hands on the inner side of the thighs. When your knees are at the sides, lean forward from your hips.

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