Wonderful health benefits of Zinc

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 05, 2015

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Zinc is a very basic and regular necessity of our body. In case you have poor immunity, slow wound healing, stretch marks and adult acne, your body could be low in zinc.
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    The Amazing Zinc

    Zinc is a crucial mineral for humans. Children and infants need 5 mg and 10 mg of zinc whereas women need 12mg, pregnant women 15 mg and men need 16mg. Zinc aids in positive effects in the body and balances the immune system too. Deficiency of zinc can lead to low blood pressure, loss of appetite, low bone growth, depression and loss of sense of taste and smell.

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    Sharper Brain

    Zinc aids in brain health as well. A combination of zinc and vitamin B6 make neurotransmitters of your brain to work better. The memory center of the brain and the hippocampus are areas high in zinc. In case you are looking for better brain health, consume the regular recommended amount of zinc.

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    Healthy Bones

    It’s a known fact that calcium is important to have strong bones, but interestingly zinc is something that is essential for healthy bones. To get strong and healthy bones consume calcium and zinc at different times as they both compete for absorption.

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    Strong Hair

    Hair loss is one of the signs of zinc deficiency. In case of low zinc, hair thinning can cause breakage. On zinc consumption, your hair is likely to look healthy and thick which is why doctors often advise people with hair loss to supplement with zinc.

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    Good for Eyes

    Zinc consumption is good for eyes as well. The use of zinc and vitamin A help in retina support and is good for the eyesight as well. Zinc deficiency also leads to macular degeneration in the elderly.

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