Why do Men have Extra-Marital Affairs

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 21, 2014

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There can be numerous reasons for men to have an extra-marital affair.
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    Reasons Behind having an Extra Marital Affair

    In recent times, we can witness many marriages sent to ruins only because the man does not stay faithful to his wife and has a love affair with someone else. If a man is attracted to another woman, it implies that he is no more in love with his wife. But did you know that there are reasons why men choose to go for another woman. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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    Desire to do Something New

    Men always want to add newness to their lives. They wish to add excitement to their routine, hence they associate with someone who can fill their day with enthusiasm. Men can very easily get bored with their married life and then they wish to pick someone else to add freshness.

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    Due to Sexual Desires

    Many researches have shown that 80% men cheat on their wives due to their unsatisfied sexual desires. Men can be addicted to sex due to which they seek for a new relationship to satisfy their physical needs.

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    Ego Problems

    At times men may also have an extra-marital affair to satisfy their ego. Some men have an affair outside their marriage in order to show their wives how easily they can attracted a woman.

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    Lack of Excitement in Relationship

    A man’s life becomes utterly boring when his wife spends most of her time with the family and children. It makes the man feel bored of the relationship and he starts searching for some fresh air.

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    Lack of Respect

    Some women have a habit of nagging their husbands over pity issues. In such situations, men intentionally or unintentionally start drifting apart from their wives and begin to search for love somewhere else.

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    Unlike old times, women now have become outgoing to such an extent that they no more hesitate before coming in contact with a male. A man is surrounded by women any where he goes. Be it his workplace or a shopping mall, women can be seen everywhere. This has made it very convenient for a man to approach a woman and share his feelings. In situations like these, it is very easy for a man to get attracted to other women and have an extra-marital affair.

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    More Interaction with Women at Workplace

    A man spends approximately 9-10 hours at his workplace everyday. In these conditions, a man finds enough time to interact with other women and develop feelings for them. This is when an illegitimate affair begins.

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    Checking Out

    Most of the men have a habit of checking out other women. They find other women much more attractive than their own wife which leads them to have a love affair with someone else.

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    Peer Pressure

    At times, men choose to go for an extra-marital affair after being advised by their friends. Men often treat an affair as an adventure, hence suggest their friends to have it. If their friend refuses to go with their suggestion, they make him a laughing stock in the group.

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    If a woman is not faithful to her husband, a man may want to take a revenge to settle the accounts. This leads a man to have an extra-marital affair.

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