When it Comes to Shopping, A Shopaholic Never Runs Out of Excuses

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jan 07, 2015

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Shopaholics are people who can’t survive without shopping. They have tons of excuses up their sleeves to shop even when they least need to. Here are top 7 excuses shopaholics make to justify their disbursals.
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    Meet the Shopaholics

    They shop, therefore they exist. For them, surviving on planet Earth and shopping are synonymous. And as a rule, shopaholics not only fiddle valuable financial advice, they invent numerous creative reasons to do so, too. Remember Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic? Don’t tch-tch yet, deep down, all of us have a bit of Becky in us, too. Here are seven excuses that most shopaholics have tried using at one point of time or the other, when addressed by people who are not as addicted to shopping as they are.

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    “I haven't got enough clothes to wear”

    Okay, that’s the most common of the excuses that a shopaholic can come up with. Although, every single time they open their wardrobes, they are buried in a roll-down of never-worn clothes; when it comes to finding something to wear to a place, their heart (and the purse) goes to their favourite brand store.

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    “I need shoes with the dress”

    This is the next step: Accessorizing. As soon as they are done satiating their (temporary) hunger for “enough clothes,” they have to match other necessary things that need to be worn along with clothes. The shoe-bug infects most of us adequately. Hence, no matter how many boxes of shoes lie unopened, or how many pairs of shoes lie worn only once, we never have enough shoes. “Not having enough” remains the underlying mechanism here too. After all, how will we be able to have the perfectly coordinated look when we step out in the new dress! Duh!

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    “Paying with my credit card doesn’t count”

    For most shopaholics, as long as the act of paying for something doesn't take place with the paper money (that we call notes), it isn't counted as spending. Swiping a card can never make a shopaholic as guilty as the actual process of paying for it in cash can.

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    “It’s the Weather”

    On cold days, we need a new pair of boots. On hot ones, we need a new pair of slip-ons. When it “seems like” it might get somewhat cold in a few days, we need a new pair of ankle boots. When it “looks like” the weather is finally taking a turn towards spring, we shop for a pair of floral flats. When July arrives, it will begin to rain in a few days and so we need a pair of new waterproof pumps. The excuses to go shopping, like the weather, are an ever-changing, never-ending process!

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    “The store girl said it will look good on me”

    The at-times-frail shoulders of the store assistants are the best things to blame your shopping on. And as far as the former are concerned, they know their work areas well. They know exactly which kind of shopaholics are the worst-affected ones, and work on them accordingly. Hence, generally, if you enter a store with an intention to buy one overcoat, there are strong chances that you will give in to the opinions of the store girl and come out with a dress that would look good underneath the coat you have bought, a pair of heels in the same colour, and a zillion other things the need for which never existed before walking into that store.

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    “I have had a bad day”

    As far as shopaholics are concerned, there's but one solution to a really bad day at work. Shopping! No amount of morale-boosting advice from the best of motivational speakers can do for them what the sight of shiny merchandise in neatly stacked piles in a store can do. A lot of us have used this excuse, irrespective of whether or not it was a bad day at work, for real.

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    “I broke up with him”

    Break-ups are not just bad for the heart, but also for your pocket. Or let us look at the bright side, they are an amazing boon for the country’s economy. If you are a shopaholic, you must know about the retail therapy: For every shopaholic, the psychiatrist resides where their favourite brand does. And well, given the rise and rise of online shopping these days, there's hope for broken-hearted, broken-willed shopaholics unwilling to step out of their homes, too.

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