Wondering What Your Relationship Expects from You? Here’s the List to Guide Your Way

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 14, 2014

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To err is human and to accept a person with all the errors is love. You may be head-over-heels in love with your partner but if you are unable to meet the expectations of your relationship, you may end up losing it.
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    Give your Relationship What it Deserves

    The moment you enter a relationship, expectations come following you. Your relationship demands a lot from you and when you are with the person you love the most those demands seem to be a cakewalk. But each relationship is different therefore, you must be sure of the places you are investing at. It is very essential for you to exactly know what your relationship needs from you in order to keep it moving smoothly. Here is a list of few things which your relationship might be expecting from you.

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    This is very important for any relationship to work. The responsibility of sacrificing things for your relationship lies on both of you and if it is only you who ends up doing it all the time, then it is time to do some re-thinking. When you are letting go off anything in life, make sure your partner knows it. Also, convey the importance of the sacrificed thing to your partner so that your sacrifice is not taken for granted. Sometimes you may face difficulties in letting things go off but you must understand that this act is important in order to make your relationship bloom.

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    Love Yourself

    To love someone with all your heart, you must first love yourself. Don’t be the scapegoat after every argument. Don’t let yourself feel that it is your fault all the time. Have faith and speak up for yourself.

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    Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

    In order to understand their pain and grief, you must walk a mile in your partner’s shoes. When you exactly know how they feel, it becomes easier for you to take them away from the trouble. Make them feel secure with you.

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    Forget and forgive to move on in life. If your mind keeps wondering in the past and it keeps bothering the relationship, you must learn the art of forgiveness. Understand that your partner too is a human being who can commit mistakes. Forget those mistakes and give yourself some peace.

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    Accept Flaws

    No one under the sun can be perfect. We all have flaws and to accept someone with all their weaknesses and strengths is true love. Don’t keep constantly trying to bring about a change in your partner. Accept them the way they are and this will in turn help them to accept you.

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    Be a Perfect Companion

    Life tests you at every point and to stick to your partner through ever thick and thin is what your relationship demands from you. Staying by their side during the happy times and quitting during hard times will make your partner develop harsh feelings for you which can be very harmful for the relationship in the long run.

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    “ It is always better to leave than to cheat’’. The quote correctly tells how important it is for you to stay faithful to your partner. There may be times when you may feel low about the relationship but that by no means would imply that you should cheat on your partner. Make your partner develop faith in you that irrespective of the circumstances you will stick by their side and you belong to them completely.

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    Despite of all ups and lows of a relationship, if you are honest with your partner your bond will stay strong till eternity. Evils which can harm your relationship will stay miles away when both of you have no dark secrets kept with you.

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    Trust each other completely. However, what both of you must remember is that trust is very fragile. Once broken it cannot be fixed and even if you somehow manage to repair the damages, the cracks will always remain. No matter how gruesome the truth is, never hide it from each other. Be transparent with your partner to give your relationship strength and longevity.

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    Care and Attention

    Once you enter a relationship it is becomes your top most priority. Don’t ignore your partner or the relationship. Give it the care and attention it demands because each time you ignore your relationship, you tend to drift apart from your partner.

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