What is Nightfall in Men and What Causes it

By:Bhadra Kamalasanan, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jan 22, 2014

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Nightfall is a common occurence among men, especially adoloscents. Learn all about it.
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    Defining Nightfall or Wet Dreams

    Those nocturnal emissions that you discover on your boxer in the morning or in the middle of the night is referred to as nightfall. In simple words, nightfall or wet dreams refers to involuntary ejaculation when a man is asleep through the night in the early hours of morning. Nightfall is frustrating, especially because an adolescent (who deals with wet dreams mostly) does not really know what it is and finds it embarrassing to speak to a parent or even peer about the same.

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    How frequent is a Nightfall and What is Normal?

    Usually, the frequency of nightfall varies from one individual to another, though most men experience it only in their adolescent years. However, there are men who suffer from nightfall throughout their lives. So, the condition is fairly common among men and does not really require medical attention unless they keep reappearing for a really long time.

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    Primary Causes

    The exact cause of nightfall cannot be guessed unless you seek the help of a certified doctor because there are multiple causes for it to occur. Some of the primary causes of frequent nightfall include inability to control emotions, weak nerves and a congested prostate gland.

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    Rubbing of Bed sheet against the Male Reproductive Organ

    A very common reason why nightfall occurs is because of the constant rubbing of bed sheet or the mattress against the male reproductive organ. This triggers an erection followed by ejaculation that occurs even without the person waking up from sleep.

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    Sensual Dreams

    As soon as a boy reaches puberty, he tends to see sensual dreams while sleeping. This leads to an erection and finally, ejaculation. Most adolescents think this to be a threat of sorts or a sign that they may be suffering from some form of medical condition.

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    Sexual Inactivity

    Another major factor that leads to nightfall is sexual inactivity. The testicles of a male are responsible for producing sperms as soon as a boy reaches puberty. Nightfall is one of the best ways in which excess semen can be directed out of the body. This is also thought of by most as a way to detoxify the body.

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    Semen Leakage

    Nightfall may occur as a result of semen leakage, which may be triggered as a result of sexual inactivity or excessive masturbation. This could be a serious medical problem and requires the attention and care of a doctor.

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    Sexual Weakness

    Weakness in the nerves and a dipping libido is said to be a cause for unintentional ejaculation at night. The inability to ejaculate during a climax could store up the semen, which eventually comes out of the reproductive organ during nightfall.

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