Ways to Shrink Large Skin Pores

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 11, 2014

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We all have pores on the skin, large or small. People with larger pores hate them and want to get rid of them at any cost. Here are some beauty tips that can ensure decreased size of your skin pores.
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    Ah, How we Hate Those Pores!

    Everyone has pores on the skin, small or large. If you have large pores, good news is that you are not alone. Another good news is that with proper skin care habits, your pores can look much smaller than they do. Most people with oily to combination skin type have large pores, so we’re assuming you fall into that category.

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    Can We Really Shrink Our Pores?

    Pores are tiny openings on the skin that contain oil glands.  Genes play a role in giving your pores the size they have. But by this do not misinterpret that you can’t do anything about them appearing larger than they have to. You sure can. Here’s how.

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    By Picking the Right Cleanser

    A pore de-clogging cleanser is the spot-on start to the process of minimizing pores. A cleanser that contains salicylic acid helps reduce dead skin cells which get stuck in your pores. The oil on your skin which makes the pores to look bigger is also reduced by this kind of cleanser.

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    By Exfoliating Timely

    This is a huge step. A regular exfoliation definitely shrinks the pores. A routine clogging of pores due to dead cell build-up doesn’t let your pores to stretch out daily. Exfoliate with your favourite cleanser by gently massaging it with a washcloth on your face. Regular exfoliating routine will absolutely make you notice smaller looking pores.

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    Considering Retinols

    Retinols are vitamin A derivatives and are found in a lot of over-the-counter skin-care products. Retinols can penetrate the layers of your skin and transform it even before hitting the surface. Many anti-ageing product lines contain retinols. However, they can cause mild peeling and sensitivity to skin so you might want to initially pick up the mildest form of them. Or you could use retinols every alternate or every third day to check how your skin reacts to them.

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    Don’t Prod Them

    Clogged pores give rise to an urge to pick, poke and prod them. But you shouldn’t do that. When you pick at your skin, you pull and squeeze it and cause trauma to your pores. This can lead to your pores becoming permanently enlarged and get infected by the dirt and oil from your hands. Keep your hands away, let the products do their work.

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    Use a Primer

    A primer is a great camouflager which sits on your skin’s surface and creates a barrier between your makeup and skin. It doesn’t get accumulated in your skin pores nor does it let your foundation do so. You can effectively use a primer to improve the appearance of your skin.

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    Applying Clay Mask

    Kaolin clay works great on large and clogged pores. Face packs made up with it should be used once or twice a week to notice benefits in the size of your pores.

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    Yogurt Mask

    Lactic acid and probiotics are found in abundance in plain yogurt which keeps acne-causing bacteria in check. When you have no acne, your pore size reduces. Apply yogurt all over your face for 5 to 10 minutes and wash off. Use this face pack once a week and don’t let the yogurt stand on your skin for more than 10 minutes as it can irritate the skin.

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