Ways to Help you Discover the Purpose of your Life

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 05, 2014

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When a part of you wants to communicate with you and the message remains unclear, it draws you close to an unbearable level of frustration. Usually these messages are driven by the fact that you are not working in the direction of the purpose of your life. Here is some help.
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    Fighting the Frustration

    There can be days on which something inside you keeps calling for help and you are not able to understand which part of you it is. This can frustrate you to an extent that you start looking for signs to decode the message. However, the truth is that you know it deep inside what it is that has been keeping you frustrated. It is the purpose of life that is lying beneath the surface and is waiting to be released. The most convenient and fast way to unravel the purpose of your life can be through the art of introspection. So, here is how you do it the right way.

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    Think what Excites you the Most

    More than often there are situations which give us immense happiness and fill us with excitement. However, these moments make us lose the sight of things that make us feel content in true sense. Take a moment to think about those things and do not worry if they do not relate with the purpose of your life. Once you have prepared a list, have a look at it again. It might worry you that the list has become too crowded than you thought. But, leave the worry aside and remember that the purpose of life is always multi-faceted.

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    Make Note of Activities you do in Free Time

    What attracts you the most when you have some extra time in your hand is very important when it comes to knowing the purpose of your life. Pay attention to those things because they would give you a clear guidance towards the purpose of your life. There are many people who want to create changes or make reforms to the society but are too humble to proceed with it. Don’t worry! There can be humble ways to convey your belief. Making a change does not necessarily mean adopting radical ways.

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    Recall Things that Attracted you as a Kid

    Most of us consider childhood as an age when maturity is at its minimum. However, the truth is that children are wise and they do not hold themselves back from doing all sorts of intelligent and unassuming things. When you were a kid surely you too must have liked to indulge one activity more than the other. Recall those and who knows you may come across the real you.

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    Ask for Guidance in your Dream

    Usually people overlook this power, which is definitely a wrong thing to do. Seeking guidance to chase or discover your dream can never be a wrong thing to do. When it comes to knowing the purpose of your life, you must set a little intention before bedtime. Before dozing off, ask your dream to reveal and guide you to the purpose of your life in the dream that night. Do not forget to take down notes of the insights the next morning.

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    Make a Note of Things you Wish to do

    The most common problem many people face is that they work in the direction that distances them from their dream. It may also hit them sometimes that what they are doing is completely different from what they want to do in life. So, why not simplify things? Understand your dreams and make a list. Make yourself come face-to-face with your dream and start considering taking quick actions instead of waiting for the right moment to approach.

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    Even if it is a Small Dream, Don’t Glamorize

    When you see a dream, it is result of what your sub-conscious mind thinks. You have got no control over it. Similarly, the purpose of your life is also a thing that is beyond your control. No matter how small or big it is, do not add glitz or glamour to it. Keep it clean and simple. The glamour may lure you at once, but remember that it can also land you up somewhere very far from the actual purpose of your life.

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    Do not Give Up

    Giving up on your dream may appear to be the most convenient thing at once. But, you must understand that it will only fill your life with grief and sorrow. Even if you fail at once, take lessons and use them to come over the challenges. People who take a step back take themselves closer to the wall of frustration. Whenever you feel the urge to give up, convince yourself that beyond the wall of frustration lies freedom which can help you breakthrough.

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