Want stronger triceps? These tips will help

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 17, 2014

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Apart from toning your triceps, your priority should also be to make your triceps stronger. Lack of focus on the muscle may lead to an injury and weak triceps.
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    Have Stronger Muscles

    The muscles situated at the back of your upper arm are known as triceps brachii and make up approximately 2/3 of the upper arm circumference. The muscle is made up of heads: long, media, and lateral. People who wish to have bigger arms should work on this area and here is how they can do it.

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    Warm Up Thoroughly

    Your triceps and elbows are vulnerable to injury hence, a warm up is extremely necessary. Two warm up sets must be done before you start working out on your triceps.

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    Focus on Different Areas

    When you focus on the basic function of your triceps, the muscles may seem to be really easy to work on. But, as a matter of fact, the muscle is complex as it has 3 different heads and each head requires a separate form of exercise.

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    Follow Proper Procedure

    Never skip triceps lift as this will increase your chances of getting an elbow injury. If you want to keep your triceps strong and perform the exercise properly, always keep the elbow as still as possible. Lock your shoulders, elbows, and wrists at a place and then move only the forearms.

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    Don’t Lose Focus from Contractions

    Many of you would be making this mistake. People usually bang out on pushdowns and extensions without locking out. Locking out is an essential part of the triceps lift.

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    Do Pyramid Sets

    To let your triceps bear the progressive heavier sets, you must do pyramid sets. You should increase the weight and decrease the reps.

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    Introduce Some Change

    Keep changing your workout regime. Do a moderate session this week and opt for a heavier workout the next week. This will help your muscles to grow and remain strong.

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    Exhaust the Muscles

    Pick heavy enough weight which exhausts you completely towards the end of your reps because those reps in the end will make all the difference.

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    Don’t Over Train

    You have to give your triceps time to rest and re-grow. Do not work on triceps only once a week and keep your number of sets limited if you are exhausting the muscles to the maximum.

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    When you pose your triceps, even if it is for a show off, the details in the three heads are brought out which strengthens the mid muscles. When you work out pose your triceps for 15-20 seconds at a time.

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    Keep a Record

    You surely don’t want to over or under work your triceps. To have those perfect strong triceps, you must keep a record of your reps, how many exercises have you done, and which exercise are you supposed to take up next.

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