Monotony is Lethal for your Sex Life. Know More of Such Untold Secrets

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 08, 2014

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Boredom can kill your sex drive and looking better for your partner is as important as introducing new things to your love making sessions. There are many such secrets about sex which probably no one has told you. Know them here and re-kindle your sex life.
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    Stay in Love with your Sex Life

    Accept it or not, the toughest part about being in love is staying in love after you have spent years together. In most cases monotony does take a toll on your relationship, especially on your sex life.

    Once you have spent years lying next to the same person in the bed it happens that you and your partner start finding reasons to avoid sex and eventually turn into voluntary abstinence.

    But, as they say, `where there is a will there is a way’. If you wish to save the spark from fizzing out, you must know these secrets to a perfect sex life.
    So, think no longer and look for no excuses any further. These untold secrets will keep your partner interested in you and will let you have the perfect make out session.

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    Look Better

    The definition of true love is to accept the person the way they are. Sure it is but, when it comes to sex you could use some help by introducing changes here and there. Get rid of those flabs, if any and try to bring a change in the way you look. This would help you increase your sex appeal. It would not just attract your partner but it would also make you feel good about yourself.

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    Do the New

    Monotony and boredom are silent killers of your sex life. Keep trying something new and let each lovemaking session make you and your partner feel special.

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    Talk to Each Other

    When you know what your partner expects from you, things become smoother. Talking about sex when you are not having sex is healthy for the relationship.

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    Hide a Little, Show a Little

    Just because it’s just the two of you in the house does not mean that you have to stay half clad all the time. Leave something to their imagination as well.

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    Keep Changing Positions

    Most couples find the missionary position comfortable and intimate. But, you must keep trying new positions in order to save the excitement from dying.

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    Talk During Sex

    It is natural to think about various things during intercourse. So, you must discuss with your partner whatever crosses your mind. You can talk about your fantasies to steam up your lovemaking.

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    Sex gives you Happiness

    Besides giving you pleasure, sex can also be a remedy to many of your health related troubles like headache, stress and anxiety. So, next time you think about avoiding sex, think about these perks.

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    Men and Women Perceive Sex Differently

    The sooner both the genders accept this, the better it would be. While men like to visualize and can get aroused easily with what they see, women like to connect emotionally during sex.

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    Dressing Up Plays an Important Role

    Many individuals think there is nothing wrong with staying inside their shabby lowers around their partner. But, the fact is that it plays a vital role in attracting your partner.

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