Try these Sexy Ways to Arouse your Partner and Heat up your Weekend

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 27, 2014

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When you have had a long weekend where you couldn't manage time to have good sex, weekend is your only chance to have some fun. Introduce something new to your love making session and you will make it up for the entire week.
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    Spice up your Weekend

    When your work and hectic schedule has been giving you a tough time over the week and you are left with no time to complete your personal tasks, looking up to the weekend becomes quite necessary. Surely, your chaotic week must have taken a toll on your sex life too. So gear up for this weekend and try some new ways to make it up for the losses you and your partner have faced over the week.

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    Make it Adventurous

    Add excitement to sex this weekend and do it differently. Try new foreplay and penetration techniques and leave your partner anticipating.

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    Blindfold your Partner

    When their eyes are blindfolded, it will be their other sensory organs that will be aroused. While they are blindfolded you will guide them through the entire act making it too hot to resist.

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    Introduce some Unconventional Moves

    Do not hesitate to introduce something new and unconventional to your sex session this weekend. Don’t assume that your partner will not like it. Who knows you might unleash the wilder the side of your partner which thought never existed.

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    Talk it Out

    You must communicate before, between and after having sex. This will help both of you to understand each other’s desires and will lead to a hot love making session.

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    Give your partner a nice massage. This will relieve them of their stress and at the same time your gentle touch will arouse them sexually. This technique will lead you to have a passionate love making session.

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    Choose the Right Position

    If you are planning to give your partner an orgasm and having a pleasurable for yourself also, opt for the right position.

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    Spend More Time on Foreplay

    Sex must have been the most ignored part of your life over the week but that does not mean that you should rush into having an intercourse. Spend more time arousing each other and gearing up for an ultimate session.

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    When you are all set to have a passionate night with your partner after work start preparing for it since the evening. Send dirty messages to your partner and keep sharing naughty stuff so that both of you are turned on.

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    Make Eye Contact during Sex

    To have hot session in bed, it is very important for you to show some confidence to your partner. Make eye contact with them and watch them getting excited.

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    Use Sex Toys

    If you want to ensure that your partner has an orgasm, use sex toys during intercourse. Use a vibrator and watch your partner moan in pleasure.

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