Tricks to Seduce a Woman

By:Gunjan Rastogi, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 21, 2012

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Remember looks are not everything. Your charming personality can only do wonders when you know the tricks to seduce a woman. To win the heart of your pretty damsel you need to appear humble and smart at the very same time. To seduce a woman you must understand what she is looking for in a man. Use the given simple tricks and the woman is yours...
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    Be chivalrous

    Be a gentleman and treat your woman like a princess. Chivalry not only means opening the door or pulling chair for her, show your respect for her and let her know how beautiful she is. Do not let your eyes wander on other women. Focus on her and make her feel special.

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    Be a little bit creative

    Try to think out of the box and give her something, which suits her personality. Give her a nice gift but be careful not to go overboard. Do not act as if you are trying to impress her.

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    Smart Conversations

    Indulge in a conversation that also interests her. Women prefer smart men and do not want them to do prosaic talking; avoid talking about your workplace, ex-girlfriends. Ask about her hobbies, interests but do not dwell too much on her personal details. Always engage in intellectual conversation. A conversation is enough for a woman to judge the smartness of a man.

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    Be well groomed

    It is not necessary to appear Tom Cruise to a woman. Pay attention towards basic hygiene and take a shower before you go to meet her. Present your genuine self; remember this is not an official meeting so there is no need to wear a business suit. Dress up casually with a clean and ironed jeans-tee. Apply a nice perfume and comb your hair properly.

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    See eye to eye

    Seeing Eye to eye does not mean fixing your gaze on her. Looking in her eyes shows your confidence but do not keep doing that or you may frighten her! Smile often while making conversation but do not go overboard.

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    Sense of touch

    Women can be defensive in seconds; therefore, do not touch her in an offensive way. Give her a formal hug or Just touch her slightly on her hands and even shoulders. Keep your hands under control or she might teach you how to control your hands!

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    Don’t Crave for Attention

    The more you keep your cool the more you will be perceived as approachable and friendly. If the woman feels that you do not need any attention they would walk up to you themselves. Don’t force yourself upon her and she would come over to you.

  • 8

    Be Normal and Easy Going

    Don’t blow up things out of proportion when you see her walking towards you. Be normal and be yourself if you want to seduce her. Enter into a conversation and don’t start flirting right away. A healthy conversation will make them feel comfortable with you and soon the ball is in your court.

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