Trick your Mind to go from being just a Man to a "Macho" Man

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jan 19, 2015

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What does it mean to be a man today? Is it all about that beard or those bulging muscles? Being a real man takes work.
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    What it Means to Be a Man

    What does it mean to be a man today? Is it all about that beard or those bulging muscles? How it is that men express themselves in a way that they should? Masculinity comes with intelligence, honesty, confidence, wit, maturity, beauty, a sense of humour and level-headedness. Having these qualities not just makes you a man, but a superman! Being a real man takes work. Here’s how you can trick your mind to go from being just a man to a "macho" man.


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    Do More, Talk less

    Men are action-oriented; actions speak instead of words. Men are doers who use communication to support their actions. They expect the same for others. To get in their good books, do things with them side by side. Back up your talk with some serious action.


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    Be a Nurturer

    A macho man is a great nurturer. He is a teacher and a provider. He sacrifices his comforts for those who they care. A macho man places his happiness in people he loves. He will always stand by you, no matter what. He will get in an argument with friends and others for those whom he cares about. You will feel a sense of safety and comfort when he is around.


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    Be Straightforward

    A macho man is easy to communicate with because he is straightforward. For him, yes is a yes, and no is a no. Try to be honest and live with integrity. A real man never makes a fuss over petty things, he will back off and accept when he is at fault.


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    Be Curious

    Men are always learning, they have the insatiable drive to seek more knowledge like the explorers of the world. They find, they discover, they observe and study. You ask a macho man about something, and he will come back to you with all the information you wanted. They embody their curiosity!


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    Be an Expert at Something

    A macho guy is intelligent. Whether it's your work or  a leisure activity, you should try and master it. People turn to men owing to their expertise in a particular subject, not the other way around. Bragging isn’t machismo, it just makes you look stupid. A macho man never behaves like he knows-it-all and puts others down for knowing more.


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    Look out for Fun!

    Men are so much fun to be around. They know how to have fun and are always looking out for fun in whatever they do – while playing, eating, watching TV or hanging out. They are up for pranks, play on words and tease. Don’t however try to make yourself a Russell Peters – humour has a time and place.


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    Be Logical and Practical

    Those who are direct, clear and simple in their priorities reflect manliness. To a man, everything comes down to one thing, i.e., logic. They are able to maintain a balance between logic and emotions. They use logic for persuasion and decision-making. Try to make logic the language of the conscious mind, rather than emotions.


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