Top Sexual Concerns for Men and Women

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 04, 2014

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Everyone wants to have a happy sex life as it is the part of our lives. However, there are some problems or situations that can get most men and women thinking.
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    Sexually Concerned

    Sex is an important part of our lives and everyone wants to have a happy sex life. However, there are some problems or situations that can get most men and women thinking. Here are the top sexual concerns for men and women. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Vaginal Dryness

    Vaginal dryness can result in low libido and problems with arousal and desire thereby causing pain during the sex. The vaginal dryness can be due to the hormonal changes that usually occur during and after the menopause.  Besides, psychological issues about sex can also cause vaginal dryness. The anticipation of having a painful intercourse also tends to bring decrease in sexual desire of women. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Low Libido

    Lack of sexual desire in women can also occur due to the lower levels of the hormone estrogen. It has also been observed that fatigue, depression, anxiety and certain medications including some antidepressant can also lead to the low libido. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Difficulty Enjoying Sex

    Another common sexual concern people have is of inability to enjoy the intercourse due to disorders such as delayed orgasms or trauma these disorders can also occur due to some antidepressant medications. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Pain During Sex

    Pain during sex can be a huge problem for people especially women. Usually the pain occurs due to a known cause such as vaginal dryness or endometriosis but sometimes the cause for can be elusive. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Primary Orgasm

    One of the biggest problems in women involves cases where a woman has never had an orgasm. It is called the primary orgasm problem. Lack of knowledge, strict religious upbringing and lack of interest can be the common reasons behind this concern. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Secondary Orgasm

    Another common sex concern in women is the secondary orgasm problem where a woman used to have orgasms in the past but can't experience it anymore. Relationship problems, tiredness and sexual trauma can be the common causes of this concern. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Vaginismus is another common concern for women that is related to sex. When muscles in or around the vagina go into spasm it is called vaginismus. It makes sexual intercourse quite painful. Women are often concerned about such spasms ruining their intimate moments. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Fear of Pregnancy

    Although it is usually good news, however most women don't want to get pregnant before the time is right. Despite the use of proper protection during sex, the thought of getting pregnant may reduce the libido or interest of women in sex. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Body Image

    Another concern which is quite common in both men and women is their body image. Usually people are either not comfortable being naked or they are concerned about their body image. Obesity and scars are the common reasons behind such insecurity. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Erectile Dysfunction

    Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) are very much concerned about their performance. ED is a medical condition which causes restricted flow of blood to the penis making it difficult to retain a satisfactory erection. Image Courtesy :Getty Images

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