Are you cleaning your undergarments right, ladies?

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 10, 2015

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Whether it is your lacy red bra or bikini briefs, they all share an intimate relationship with you and deserve a careful launder. Proper care will give them a prolonged life and they would never lose their elasticity.
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    Little extra care

    Not a single day should pass without a woman acknowledging the importance of her undergarments. From your lacy bikinis to your wonder bras, always remember that it was these pieces of clothing that stood by you when you faced a tough time picking up that perfect dress for a date night. The relationship you share with your undergarments is an intimate one thus, they deserve a little extra care. Most of us are not trained in how to take care of lingerie. So, here are some foolproof tips that you should have administered into your lingerie care regime for all these years.

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    Wash them! Regularly.

    The cleansing of your undergarments largely depends on your lifestyle and personal hygiene. However, washing your bra after wearing twice is recommended. If you wish to prevent your bra from becoming loose and flowy too soon, use of cold water is recommended.

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    Hand wash

    Sure, using a washing machine can save you from all the pain in the neck, but your undergarments deserve to be taken the pains of handwashing for. Hand wash them using a gentle soap and cold water. These extra cautious ways will prolong the life of your undergarments.

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    Wash on gentle mode

    If you can’t manage a little hand wash, be extra careful when cleaning them in the washing machine. Don’t let your machine be too harsh on your undergarments. Always set your machine to gentle cycle and use cold water to give elasticity to your delicates.

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    Use laundry bags

    This one is recommended for bras. To prevent them from twisting and snagging, keep your bras away from the rest of your clothes and store them in a laundry bag.

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    No bleaching

    The fabric of your undergarments is highly vulnerable to losing their elasticity. Therefore, use of harsh detergents or bleaches is a bad choice.

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    Don’t mess the whites

    This is a rule applicable to everything in your laundry basket, but it holds more substance when it comes to your lingerie. Undergarments contain synthetics that make them have a great propensity to catch up on dyes from other clothes.

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    Keep it light

    If you are washing your undergarments in the machine, make sure you keep the load light. Don’t overstuff the machine. Heavy clothes like towels, denims and sheets can damage your undergarments.

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