Get Rid of Open Pores with these Tips

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 16, 2014

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Having a flawless skin is like living a dream. However, this dream seems to be really distant when you have open pores. But, with a little care and right strategies you can get rid of this problem forever.
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    Stay Aware!

    Irrespective of the gender, an open pore skin problem can be the cause of imperfections on your face. The unpleasant look on your face created by the open pores can cause collateral damage to your face as well as to your overall personality. However, no matter how much discomfort they cause, very few people are aware of the cause of these ugly pores and the ways in which they can get rid of them. Here are some natural techniques that can help you have a permanent dermatological cure for your open skin pores.

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    What causes Open Pores?

    A pore acts as a gateway that allows the sebum to reach the outer surface of the skin. Placed right at the bottom of the pore is a gland that produces sebum, which is the oil that maintains the skin’s moisture and hydration levels. At times, it so happens that excessive secretion of oil takes place which results in abnormally greasy skin. People who have overactive oil glands tend to have larger pores as the oil creates blockage in the pores, making them irritated and inflamed. Read the following remedies to treat these unpleasant openings on your face.

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    Change in Routine

    The simpler you keep it, the better it will be for your skin. To prevent your face from becoming excessively oily or excessively dry, avoid washing your face not more than twice a day. You must also avoid using scrubs on your face because excessive exfoliation can cause dry skin and inflammation, which can stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. The pores get clogged with this excess oil, making them grow bigger.

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    Choose the Right Products

    People who have oily or a skin prone to acne must choose face washes that contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is the only ingredient that can selectively target oil sebum. It has the ability to exfoliate within the follicle and then remove any plugs or obstructions. Apart from clearing the pores, salicylic acid is also important because it stimulates collagen. This is what vitamin A derivates and Alpha-Hydroxy acids do. They clear the skin gently by self-exfoliation and also induce collagen synthesis, making the pores look smaller.

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    Masks and Other Quick Fixes

    Although quick fixes can manage the problem temporarily, they can give you quick relief from open pores when you need it the most. One such option can be a face mask made of Fuller’s Earth and green tea. Another mask made with caffeine and clay can tighten the pores while reducing secretion of oil. Another option can be a mask made by mixing milk and gelatine. The animal protein found in gelatine tightens pores. However, one of the important things to remember is that the effects will not last for long. Thus, if you want to have the permanent solution, visit the dermatologist.

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    Visiting the Dermatologist

    You may wish to cure the open pore problem for ever and you must visit the dermatologist before you try soemthing yourself. There are a variety of dermatological options that can help you tighten the pores. The use of lasers becomes vital when you wish to get rid of pores permanently. The primary reason behind this is that lasers can penetrate through your skin deep enough to get to the bottom of your pores.

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    Clearlift Therapy

    One of the latest therapies to treat open pores is Clearlift. Approved by US FDA, this innovative and safe laser treatment can go deep into the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis. It is this collagen that can make skin more elastic, thus making it look younger and pore-free. Collagen can also work wonders in treating fine lines and pigmentation. The best thing about Clearlift is that it does not need any recovery time and is completely painless.

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    One more option to treat open pores is resurfacing. It is a process in which laser is used to force the skin to renew itself. In this process, formation of newer skin takes place so that the old, damaged skin and pores can be rejuvenated. This can make you look younger, clearer and fresher.

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