Now you can lose 10 pounds by following these simple tricks

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 30, 2014

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Whether it’s a big event coming your way or a vacation with your friends, looking attractive is perhaps your top priority. So, quickly lose 10 pounds with these techniques and look your best.
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    Know your Body Before Shedding Weight

    All of us are different, both emotionally and physically. And, when it comes to shedding kilos, each body reacts differently. For some, few ways can do wonders but, for others the exactly same ways could just backfire. So, here are 10 different ways to lose 10 pounds and all you have to do is just pick the ones that suit you best.

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    Drink Enough Water

    Many studies have shown that people who drink lots of water lost weight more quickly than people who did not have plenty if water while dieting.

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    Reduce the Portion

    Divide the portion of food into two halves. Have one portion at one time and save the rest for later.

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    Avoid Meat

    Vegans are likely to have lighter body weight than their non-vegetarian counterparts. To shed weight, avoid eating meat, at least till you reach your goal.

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    Eat Fresh

    Eliminate packaged or processed foods from your diet and see the dramatic drop in your body weight. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and completely avoid canned food.

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    2 Day Diet

    There are people who cannot stick to a diet program all the time. For them the best way to reduce 10 pounds is to diet just 2 days in a week. This will reduce their calorie intake to 650 calories per day and help them get back into shape.

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    Cut Down on Sugar Intake

    Sugar isn’t good for your health but sadly, it finds way into your diet somehow. And by that we mean that even the most unpredictable of foods have sugar in them. So, read the label properly before any food item finds a place in your basket.

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    Avoid Flour

    Cut down your flour intake. Avoid eating white breads and pastries while you are on a diet and you will soon see the change.

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    No Alcohol

    Alcoholic drinks are a rich source of sugar. So, when you wish to lose weight, you must also avoid alcohol completely.

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    Take short walk breaks every 30 minutes. Your weight loss plan would be complete if you walk for 2 minutes in a gap of every half-an-hour.

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