Tips and Tricks to Look Stylish this Summer

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 18, 2015

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The blazing heat and scorching sun indicate a wardrobe change. So, have you made the necessary changes yet?
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    Make your Choices Wisely

    For every person, there is a penchant for a certain way of dressing that is etched in eternity. Yet, the balmy breezes and soaring heat irreverently bring you down to a deadlock situation where you have to make a choice between altering your wardrobe and succumbing to the heat waves. Follow these guidelines to be sure that your sartorial skills are not a mismatch for the warmer weather.

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    Pick the Right Pattern

    No human with the right aesthetic sense would ever wish to pick patterns for their clothes that appear unpalatable for general public. So, if you belong to that category, pick a shirt that has patterns customized for summers: polka dots, florals and geometries. Pair it with a neutral solid so that you don’t blow things out of proportion.

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    Rise from the Darkness

    Summers will never steal away your love for black and that is a given fact. But, when humidity takes over, you don’t want to suffocate your body inside dark and heavy fabrics. Look for a pair of jeans in a fabric which gives you more space to stretch and is in a light or medium wash.

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    'Right' Use of the Colour Wheel

    The right side of the colour wheel is your way to glory. Use colours on the right side of the colour wheel to avoid all sorts of inexactness while coordinating your clothing with the shades of summer.

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    You could Use Some Details

    There is nothing disconcerting about walking around in single layers, but only if you make that one layer as interesting as possible. Pay attention to intricacies of designing and you would never err while picking a dress. Take a red silk top which is airy enough to keep your body cool and has a trendy back. Pair it up with a basic bottom like snow white trousers or skirt and you are all set to set the stage on fire.

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    There is Nothing Better than having a Summer Dress

    There must be a tacit agreement in your mind between having a flowy, beach dress and the scorching sun which shines brazenly in summers. This dress can be shorter than your other dresses. Pick a dress made from wrinkle-free material and make sure that it isn’t too precious.

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    Silk is your Best Friend

    There is no reason to be afraid of silk in summer. Together with good quality cotton, it can be the most preferred material for the blazing heat. If you have chosen a silk top which has a very flowy and thin feel to it, well then congratulations, you have chosen a true winner.

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    Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

    Accessorizing should know no limits. Summer, winter, autumn, spring, it’s all the same when it comes to putting on those hoops or wearing a printed belt. So, don’t forget to don some playful accessories to make your summer outfit more interesting.

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