Blunders you Thought were Making your Woman Happy in Bed

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 09, 2014

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Moves that you have been making between the sheets do not necessarily please your woman. Here are a few such blunders you are making and thus, ruining the pleasure time.
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    It's Time to Make Changes

    You may think you are the sexiest in bed that your woman could ever find, but who knows she might be looking for reasons to avoid sex tonight. Your biggest mistake is that you take your woman's desires or fantasies for granted. If you thought that she was in complete awe of your supposedly stupendous moves between the sheets, you may be completely wrong. There are chances that what you do and what she expects are two things poles apart.

    So, here is a little help for you to rectify your mistakes.

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    Getting to the Point Straight Away

    Ignoring her face and straight away going down south is a completely wrong move. If you think she appreciates this, you are surely having a tough time understanding the woman you love.

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    Blowing in the Ears

    Don’t be inspired by movies. Yes, she definitely likes some intimacy but, blowing in the ears can turn her deaf and that is absolutely not what she wants.

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  • 4

    Being Rough with her Chest

    No, when you behave like a beast with her delicate chest, she does not appreciate that.

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  • 5

    Applying Complete Force

    Many men think that applying a bodyful of force during intercourse is what a woman desires. But, that’s completely false. Women are delicate and gentle and they want their man to consider that.

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  • 6

    Surprising her with Climax

    It is a man’s moral responsibility to tell his woman when he is going to climax. Not doing this is a big turn off for her.

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  • 7

    Making her Try Stupid Positions

    Understand that men like experimenting while women like intimacy when it comes to sex. So, if you think she likes those weird positions you make her try, you must re-consider.

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  • 8

    Suffocating Her

    She may like it wild but, not as wild as being suffocated to death. Be careful or you would choke her throat.

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  • 9

    Deep Love Bites

    Love bites are romantic for sure but, those deep pain-causing bites are not appreciated by your woman.

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