Things You Do that Bore Her in Bed

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 24, 2014

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If your girl isn’t as excited in bed as she used to be, you are probably boring her and not picking her hints. Know how to kick away the sexual deficit from your life.
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    The Dying Passion

    Of course she eagerly jumped in the sack with you when you guys had started dating but now the urgency has become less. How do you find out what is going on with her? Is she “not-really-feeling-this-at-all” or has she drifted to “I don’t care about sex” territory? You have to avoid the terrible fate of being a “horrible lover” and you can’t let this sexual deficit to carry over the rest of your relationship. Learn the subtle signs which she gives out to tell you that you are boring her in bed. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    “Can we do it tonight baby?”

    Dude, if you have been in relationship long enough to know her body language and emotions, recognise them and cut off with your robotic requests. They are a big turn off. Yes, consent is predominant in any relationship but isn’t something as simple as an intense look or a certain touch obvious to you? Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Heck, You are Predictable

    Try new things that you’ll both enjoy to keep a long-term relationship fresh. Where are your moves, man? How could you let her already know your every move? If you devote five minutes to foreplay, tease her mercilessly for 15 minutes the next time. Don’t let her know what hit her. Image Courtesy: Getty


  • 4

    No Passion?

    Are you treating your girl like a blow-doll? Sex without passion is dull. Period. Be the lover of her dreams and sweep her off her feet with the heat. If you don’t go the extra mile, she might find someone who would. Image Courtesy: Getty


  • 5

    The Same Old Mechanical Sex

    Romance is the key, dear friend. Being romantic every once in a while will get her all over you. Leave her love notes, make her a romantic dinner, write a song to melt her and take her hand for a dance the next time your love song plays on the radio. Image Courtesy: Getty


  • 6

    Your Room Again?

    You’re in trouble if she knows the cracks in your ceiling. A change of location is necessary to keep things exciting. Travel the world with her. If not, do it in the shower, the kitchen table, your car, in the woods- wherever you can imagine it. Just try not to get caught. Image Courtesy: Getty


  • 7

    Not the Missionary Position Again!

    You better try some new positions, spill your fantasies, engage in role playing or do anything that spices things up. The same old sex positions can throw her into sheer bedroom boredom.  Image Courtesy: Getty


  • 8

    Sleeping at a Different Time?

    There’s a more likely reason for her early bedtime: she’s aiming to avoid intimacy. She is trying not to be in bed at the same time as you on purpose. If your girl is losing her interest, you really need to have good seduction skills to lure her in. Image Courtesy: Getty

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