These Tips will Make your Sex Life Post Marriage feel Like a One Night Stand

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 28, 2014

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After several years of marriage, a dull sex life becomes inevitable. To make it stop from feeling like a one night stand, you must keep experimenting with your ways.
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    Spice Up your Sex Life Post Marriage

    The secret to a happy marriage is a fun-filled and exciting sex life. But, if it has become boring and dull, it can put your marriage under strain. However, with few techniques you can make things better. Watch out for the flaws in your daily habits and you can make your sex life feel as exciting as a one night stand.

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    Go Clubbing with your Partner

    Go for clubbing where you would get a chance to get closer to your partner. Dance to your favorite number and play around with each other till both of you are turned on. This will set the mood and make it irresistible for both of you to wait any longer to undress each other at home.

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    Go on Vacation with your Friends

    The prime reason behind a dull relationship is that you are with each other all the time. You get so used to being together that you start taking each other for granted. Break the monotony and go out for a vacation with your friends instead of your partner. The separation will make both of you long to be with each other and will make you realize how important your partner is for you. Once you are back the void which was created in your lives will lead to a passionate love making session.

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    Role Plays

    Role playing has always been one of the most exciting things to do while having sex. Discuss your partner’s preferences and dress up to arouse them. By adapting this technique you will find yourself having the best of wild sex that you have ever had.

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    Add Newness to your Sex Life

    Try to add something new to your sex life. Explore new positions and moves without any hesitation. To add some spice to your sex life you must know what your partner desires the most. Don’t be afraid to try something new between the sheets.

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    Arrange for a Date

    Go out for a date to the place where you used to visit before marriage. The nostalgia the place will bring will definitely make both of you fall in love with each other all over again. While walking down the memory lane you may rejuvenate your relationship which will lead to a fiery hot love making session.

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    Book a Hotel Room

    Book a hotel room and spend a romantic night with your partner. You can re-live the first night of your marriage and feel the freshness again.

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    Try New Places

    If you are all alone at home, try new places to have sex in. Try the couch, your kitchen floor or even the bathroom. If this seems to be weird to do, try watching adult films together.

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    Go to an Isolated Place for Vacation

    Plan a vacation with your partner to a place which is not crowded and both of you can have some quite time together. Choose a beach destination where there are not many people around and you can indulge in some naughty activities in public.

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    Double Dates

    Inviting other couples will give you a chance for some public display of affection. Sitting with a group of friends where your partner is also present gives you a sense of belonging. Indulge yourself in some hugs and kisses which will arouse both of you and will lead to a fervid sex once you two enter the house.

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    Fantasize with Each Other

    Discuss with each other your unfulfilled sexual fantasies. Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to strangle your desires to death. Share your sexual fantasies so that your partner is able to live up to your expectations.

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