These Tips will Help you Prepare your Daughter for her First Date

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 01, 2014

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When your daughter goes out on her first date, apart from ensuring that she looks her best you must also ensure that she is safe. Here is how you can prepare her for the day.
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    Prepare your Princess

    Your daughter is your princess and you don’t want any guy to harm her. Even if she is with the best man she knows of, it is fine for you to feel protective about her. Your experiences in life and far sightedness should help her in making the right decisions. So, before she steps out of the house for her first date, here is what you should tell her.

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    Always Know How to Make an Exit

    When she is going out on her first date, there are many things which she is not aware of. It is an all together different and new experience for her. It is for you to tell her about all the possibilities that may occur during her date. You must prepare her and tell her the easiest ways to contact her parents whenever she smells trouble around her.

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    Say No

    Make her understand that she must be strong enough to refuse anything which she feels is not right.

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    Be Yourself

    Your daughter must be confident and should not be what the guy wants her to be.

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    Listen to your Soul

    If there is anything which her conscious does not allow her to do, she should never do it. She should never defy her soul as it may have ill-effects on her mental well-being later. Make her understand this.

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    He Must Earn a Kiss

    Explain it to your daughter that if she thinks he has not earned it, she should never give it for free. If the guy has been a gentleman and only if she feels he deserves it, only then they must kiss.

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    Once a Cad Always a Cad

    Tell your daughter that if the guy has not been a gentleman throughout the date, he will never be. Don’t let her live false hopes.

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    Stay in Public

    You can never be sure about the man’s intentions. Probably he is the best guy your daughter will ever meet or he is just fooling around her. Whatever the case may be, you cannot risk your daughter’s life. Hence, always ask her to be safe and stay in public places. Ask her not to be swayed by his tactics and accompany him to a private place.

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    Real Men Like to Wait

    Your daughter must be aware of the fact that if a guy genuinely likes her, he would never force himself on her. If the guy has made sexual advances without the girl’s consent, your daughter should immediately part ways with him.

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    Fairytales Do not Exist

    As a child you must have made your daughter believe that fairytales exist but now it is time for her to meet reality. Tell her that not every man is a prince and not necessarily will she be treated like a princess. She should be prepared for this.

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    Never Chase

    If it is meant to be, it will come to her. Your daughter must know that this is just the first time she has gone out with a guy and there may be many more of such occassions. So, if the date does not turn out to be good, she should never chase the guy to prove herself. It isn’t her fault.

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