The tantric technique designed to give you multiple orgasms

By:Namrata Dutta, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Aug 26, 2016

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Tantric sex can allow you to experience deeper, more love induced, more gratifying and a calming sex experience. Read on to know all the tantric techniques to have sex.
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    Tantric sex

    Who would not want more intimate, more satisfying and longer love making sessions? Some people can only imagine of having good sex but even many studies reveal that not many couples have experienced a better and satisfying sex. What do you call a great sex experience? Great sex is not about just orgasm but arousal of all the sexual senses and this is only possible with tantric sex. Yes, you just read that right, tantric sex can not only give you one satisfying orgasm but many.  Is the concept for real? Do people really have sex for hours and reach an intense level of ecstasy? Tantric sex can allow you to experience deeper, more love induced, more gratifying and a calming sex experience. Read on to know all the tantric techniques to have sex.

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    Maintain an eye contact

    You might not be aware but maintaining an eye contact while making love can be the biggest sexual stimulation. Make your partner sit in front of you, so you can have an eye contact with them. Now, close your eyes for a while at first to centralize your brain, then open your eyes and look into each other’s eyes. You can include gazing into your foreplay sessions. The lust and transition of emotions in your partner’s eyes while being intimate can be a big turn on.

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    Conscious touch

    The idea is to arouse your partner’s sensuality with teasing. It starts with touching your partner at places and building a sexual tension between you two. Tease builds up a tension that can later turn into deep and sensuous sex. Experts explain that while practicing conscious touch, you must not stress, the whole point is to stay in the moment. If you are constantly worrying about work, money or other stuff, you would not be able to reap benefit of conscious touch as you need to be in your senses when your partner touches and warmth of their skin fills you with arousing sensations.

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    Delve into your senses

    Sex is absolutely not about two bodies but about two hearts and two souls. When we include tantric sex, it becomes about having sex with all your senses. Making all your five senses like taste, touch, smell, sound and sight to work and having sex that is on entirely different level is the idea of tantric sex. To arouse all your senses try oils, fragrance, and music while for taste, you can make them lick off chocolates, honey from your different body parts. For touch, you can caress their body with feathers, flower petals or just your fingers, tickling and teasing them at the same time.

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    Full body orgasm

    Yes, this might sound a little strange but yes, there are full body orgasms for real. And how do you achieve it? You create erotic energy when you are close to orgasm and then let it melt a bit. Then create it again by making use of your warm breathes against your partners skin and communicate you’re your sexual energy through your body. When you will finally have an orgasm, you will be able to have impacts on your different body parts like ripple effect in a pond.

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