The pros and cons of fitness trackers

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 02, 2015

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Fitness trackers are excellent tools to stay active and motivated for exercise. However, they can still have some limitations.
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    Fitness trackers

    Technology has changed the way we exercise. A new-age invention in the form of fitness trackers (devices and apps) has brought accountability to our activity levels. Those who use technology for fitness and health goals are often more successful than those who don’t. However, there is also a chance of its detriments outweighing the benefits.

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    Track your activity

    The name makes this advantage of fitness trackers obvious, but needs a mention! They help you know what your activity levels and effort, such as how many calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve travelled and other stats.

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    Keep you going

    Fitness trackers help you stay determined and motivated! Beyond all those statistics and tracking of movements, there is an incentive of inspiration. When you check those numbers, you strive harder to do better.

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    Prevent overtraining

    The downsides of overtraining can be quite awful. These smart fitness devices can help prevent all those health hazards associated with overtraining. There are devices and apps that allow you to set a bar and remind you of the activity level.

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    Track your sleep pattern

    Certain devices can monitor your sleep so you can see how soundly you’re actually sleeping. And if you are not, you can make adjustments with your doctor’s help.

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    Lack complacency

    It can sometimes feel like it is working, but it might not be. It can reflect numbers to make you happy, but those numbers might not be for real. This is where fitness trackers fall short. People become complacent and don’t work out enough based on the false numbers that show on their gadgets. It has been one disadvantage of fitness trackers that is most common.

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    Drain phone’s battery

    Most fitness trackers are powered by external power source, usually a phone. Just like how smartphone fitness apps suck the battery life out of your phone, so do fitness tracking devices.

  • 8

    Cost you a fortune

    If you are looking to get the most out of fitness trackers, they might burn a hole in your pocket. The best fitness apps may need you to throw down some cash. Same is the case with devices.


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