Top 5 houseplants for smog relief

By:Tanushree Singh, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 07, 2016

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The air quality inside your house can be as bad as outside. Learn how you can improve the air quality inside your house and make it safer for your family.
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    Plants that purify air

    It won’t be incorrect to assume that you are really worried about the pollution outside. You must have seen all the reports about the alarmingly high pollution levels at countless places around the world, especially in big cities. But it might be wrong to assume that you are as worried about the pollution inside your home as you are with the outside pollution. In fact, chances are you would be surprised to know that the air quality inside your house can be as bad as it’s outside. In some cases, reports have even suggested that at times the air quality inside can get worse than the outside. So have you planned on something to enhance the air quality of your house? Here are some air-cleaning house plants that you can consider for your nest.

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    Spider plant

    Spider plant has amazing capabilities to purify air. Tests have showed that it can remove as much as 80% of acetone, p-xylenes, o-xylenes and ethylbenzene from air. Ethylbenzene is a toxic substance found in house paint, pesticides, low quality rubber, and ink. You can get couple of spider plants and place them on side tables or in corners of your common living area. It won’t take up much space and enhance both air quality and the ambience of the room.

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    Jade plant

    Experts found that jade plant can remove more than 80% of ethylbenzene, benzene, toluene, 0-Xylenes, p-Xylenes, and some amount of acetone from air. Since the plant is quite small in size, you can get half a dozen of them and place them on various places on side tables or coffee tables.

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    Acetone, found in nail polish remover, paint, and floor cleaners; can cause headaches, irritation in the eyes, dizziness, and even affect the nervous system. Dracaena works best when it comes to removing acetone from air by removing as much as 94 percent of the harmful chemical from the air. The plant will also add natural green lush to your room.

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    The bromeliad plant can remove around 80% of above mentioned toxic chemicals from the air and it look just beautiful. You would want have more of this plant as it can enhance the look and ambience of your rooms.You need to consider air purifying house plants to improve air quality inside your house, even if you have just bought a fancy air purifier. After all nature has already provided us with the best tool to curb pollution- trees and plants that purify air.

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