Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome:Causes & Treatment

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Aug 26, 2014

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Wondering what testosterone deficiency may look like and what may cause it? These are some common causes and symptoms of the syndrome that can affect a man a lot.
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    Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

    The hormone testosterone is responsible for proper development of male sexual characteristics and it plays a vital role in maintaining muscle, overall well-being and sexual function. Inadequate production of testosterone may lead to testosterone deficiency syndrome which may even cause erectile dysfunction. Here are some of the causes of the syndrome. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Klinefelter's Syndrome

    One of the most common causes of testosteron deficiency syndrome is the Klinefelter's syndrome which is a chromosomal condition affecting male physical and cognitive development, causing smaller testes that do not produce much testosterone. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Hormonal Disorders

    Testosterone deficiency is also commonly caused by other congenital hormonal disorders such as LHRH hormone deficiency, Kallmann's syndrome. Such hormonal disorders may affect the production of the testosterone hormone leading to a deficiency. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Problem with Testes

    Other common congenital causes of testosterone deficiency syndrome can be conditions such as anarchism which is the absence of the testes and having undescended testicles. Problem with the testicles may also affect the testosterone production. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Other Causes

    Other common causes of the deficiency also include damages to the pituitary gland, chemotherapy, hypothalamus, testes, glandular malformation, infection, isolated LH deficiency, radiation therapy, testicular trauma and tumors of the pituitary gland. Following are some signs and symptoms of the syndrome.  Image Courtesy: Getty



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    The signs and symptoms of testosterone deficiency may vary depending on the age and onset of the problem. However, the most common signs of congenital testosterone deficiency include underdeveloped or undescended testes andundeterminable genitalia. Image Courtesy : Getty


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    Physical Appearance

    Acquired testosterone deficiency may also affect the physical appearance of the person. Such symptoms of the syndrome include gynecomastia, sparse hair on the body and underdeveloped testes or penis. It can also cause a symptom of underdeveloped muscles. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Sexual Function

    Men with testosterone deficiency syndrome may experience symptoms such as loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, and mood disorders. Image Courtesy: Getty


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