10 Quick & Easy Dishes That’ll Help You Cut Down The Heat This Summer

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 02, 2015

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Things may get little too uncomfortable and hot in summers. But, when you have the right dishes in your plate, you can easily beat the heat. Learn the must-try dishes for summers.
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    Kill the Heat with a Treat

    Summers can be little too harsh on your skin and overall health, posing risks of heat strokes and dehydration. It may drive you uncomfortable and uneasy throughout the day and even in the night. Even eating a little during meal time will seem too much. Luckily, there are some dishes that can not only satisfy your cravings but also help you beat the heat. Here are some delicious dishes you should try this summer. Image Source: www.malibucorporation.co.uk

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    Frozen Yogurt

    Nothing feels better in summer than ice cream and frozen yogurt. Just get your cup of frozen yogurt with a scoop of your favourite ice cream. Because it is also healthy, you will not have to worry about calories. So simple to make, you can enjoy this dish every day to beat the sun.  Image Source: yowzayogurtparadise.com

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    Maangai Sadam

    This recipe makes use of raw mangoes and is perhaps the best thing to eat during summer because of the seasonal availibility of this fruit. Crush a few raw mangoes and add a little salt and some spices according to your taste and eat with rice. You will thank summer for mangoes. Image Source: BLogspot

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    Cucumber Canapes

    Cucumbers are full of nutrition and moisture: two very important things you need in summer. Slice a fresh, green cucumber and add some toppings to them. You may also use fresh cream or ice cream to form beautiful canapes. Eat to feel the cucumber delight you, making you forget the heat outside. Image Source: www.weheartlocalbc.ca

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    Watermelon Salad

    The redness of the sun may get worse during summers, making it impossible to even step outside. But, there is another sort of red that can help you survive the heat: the red and watery watermelons. Just sprinkle some salt and spices to prepare the perfect watermelon salad and beat the scorching sun. Image source: newscaster.in

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    Mango and Banana Overnight Oats

    Mangoes and bananas make great ingredients for summer recipes. Mash a mango and a couple of bananas in a bowl. To make the dish even healthier, get some overnight oats and add them to the dish. The dish not only feels cold and delicious, but it also gives you ample nutrition too. Image Source: Pinterest.com

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    Kokum Curry

    This amazing dish is one of the best dishes from Goa. Prepared from the Kokum fruit, this curry has excellent cooling properties. It is easy on the stomach during summers and hardly takes any time to prepare. Image Source: dipsdiner.com

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    Ice Box Cakes

    If you have a sweet tooth, you would want something extra sweet. Ice box cakes can be the perfect solution for your cravings during summers. Not only do these cakes help you get relief from summer's heat, but they give you the scope to experiment with something new every day. Image Source: www.heathersdish.com

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    This amazing and easy-to-make dish from Spain offers endless options for customisation according to your taste. It feels cool and delicious, especially during summers. Image Source: allrecipes.com

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    A popular remedy for heat in Indian households, a bowl of raita with a few summer fruits and vegetables can help you to easily defeat dehydration. Packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, it can also provide you ample nutrition. Image Source: indosungod.blogspot.com

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    Lauki Yakhni

    Lauki yakhni is an amazing dish to get the best out of the healthy vegetable, ‘lauki’. It has a cooling effect on the stomach and tastes great too. Image Source: www.vegrecipesofindia.com

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