10 Moves to Seduce a Woman and Get Her in Bed

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 07, 2015

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It may not be easy to get the girl you like. And it gets next to impossible when you hope to seduce her. However, this is possible if you try really nicely.
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    It all sounds way out of reach to seduce that girl you like. Well, it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. If you are a little lucky and play it nicely you can really turn the ‘hypothetical’ into something real. You can even get better at it. All you need to do is be a nice and honest guy and try these moves. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Be Friends

    If you want a girl to like you or feel something sexual about you, your chances increase when you get to spend more time with her. So the first thing you must do is be friends with her. Even if you can’t be her friend, at least get close to her so that you get more time to spend with her. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Make her Feel Safe

    To be able to feel anything nice for a guy, a girl needs to feel safe when she is with him. If she is afraid of you even a little or feels uncomfortable around you, she is never going to feel nice for you, let alone get seduced. Be a nice guy and make her feel safe. Let her know that it matters to you that she feels safe. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Get to Know Her

    Talk to her and get to know her better. You need to know what turns her off before you even try to hit on her. That way you reduce the risk of accidentally pissing her off. Understand what she likes and dislikes and try to be warm and friendly within limits.  Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Groom Yourself

    If you have a weird hairstyle or dressing sense that she may not like, you better change that. Groom yourself and make yourself more presentable. If you are able to create a nice first impression, you have better chances to get her to feel for you. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Don’t be Boring

    You can have endless conversations with her but if you notice that she is not that interested in a particular topic, you better change the topic before she finds you boring. Otherwise, she will soon stop responding to your texts. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Have Perfect Timings

    Don’t ever try to start an intimate conversation with her when she is trying to just somehow get her work done at the office. Don’t do it when she is too busy. Instead, wait for the time when she is in her bed with nothing to do but to talk to you. Now is the perfect time to try to get a little intimate. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Take it Slow

    If she didn’t get mad at you when you started sending her flirty texts, it doesn’t mean it is time for you to cross all the limits. Keep flirting casually and let her respond with similar texts. Take things to the next level mutually. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Let Her Talk about it First

    After a little flirty conversation the previous night, don’t mention anything about it when you meet her during the day. Let her talk about it. If she mentions it first, it’s very likely that she liked it too. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Get a Little Dirty

    Once you feel that she is comfortable with all the flirting and is enjoying the chemistry between the two of you, gradually try to move on to some dirty conversation. If she is feeling something of that sort for you, you will get a clear picture through such a conversation. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Ask Her Out

    If you know that she is a lot comfortable with you and has the same intimate feelings as you do, don’t waste much time. Go ahead and ask her out. However, make sure that you maintain romanticism and decency when you two go out together. If things are going well, you may not even have to make much effort. You can start with a simple kiss and things will follow. Image Courtesy: Getty

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