Sure Shot Ways to Increase Sexual Chemistry

By:Bhadra Kamalasanan, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 03, 2014

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To ignite your sexual life, here are top seven ways.
  • 1

    Ignite your Sexual Chemistry

    It is not uncommon to hear of couples attending therapies on how to revive sexual chemistry. The chase is not in knowing by-heart every inch of your partner’s body, but the mystery about what exists behind layers of clothing. Once your partner’s image in their birthday suit crops up almost unintentionally in your mind, you lose the urge to rush home and grab hold of them. If you have reached this block on the road, use these tips to create the sexual attraction that you so desperately need.


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  • 2

    Be Confident

    With a dent in your sexual relationship, you will be drawn more towards undesired thoughts such as you being unappealing to your partner, him or her being drawn more attracted towards a co-worker, etc. You get my point. As a matter of fact, it could be this lack of confidence that is pulling your partner away from you. A confident personality wins all and if you are confident, your partner will forever be insecure. You will be a magnet he/she would forever be attracted to.

  • 3

    Be Happy

    People who are positive are happy and happy people are super attractive. If you haven’t realised already, people who think positively are the ones who attract more people around them. With your smile and positive attitude, you would pass on the feel-good factor to your partner, which will eventually set things straight.

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  • 4

    Make him realise how Lucky he is to have you

    Most couples end up forgetting what that wonderful catch was in their partner that got them to date him/her in the first place. No couple would conjure up such a phase, but if your relationship is in such turmoil, it is time to make your partner realise how amazing you are. Try a new sexual position or take the dragon’s horns and thwart the sexual tension.


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  • 5

    Do Not be Too Obvious

    Let him for once not know what is coming next. Being adventurous can be very sexy even if your partner knows you through and through. Turn your naughty side up when your partner is least expecting it and he would want to crawl to bed with you each night for the rest of your life.

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  • 6

    PDA all the Way

    He may know what comes after you pull his ear or nudge his funny bones. But, when you do all that in public, he will forever be drooling and willing to drive you home to a memorable night. When he is restricted to do something, he will feel even more excited to pull you into an enclosed aisle.

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  • 7

    DO NOT Stop Dressing Sexy

    Just because he snores away when you come to bed at night does not mean you should stop dressing up. And, dressing sexy, we stress. You might just be (in your disinterest for self-care) overlooking that muffin top or those split ends. So, hit the gym, get a super sexy haircut or just go shopping for some better clothes. Do anything and whatever it takes to feel better. Wear something your partner has been suggesting you to or just surprise him with lacy lingerie.

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  • 8

    Do Not Give Away

    There is fun in not giving in to every demand your partner puts ahead. When you get everything that you want and without any effort at all, you tend to take it for granted and the same goes with sex. If your partner ends up with freedom to make love to you whenever he wants, he will stop valuing it. Be a tease every now and then; try your best to not go beyond a make-out session or wear something sexy in public.

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  • 9

    Spend Some Time Away from Each Other

    Just how Sarah Jessica Parker takes the weekend off from her husband to do her own thing in the movie Sex and the City (part 2), you need to take a break from your partner. For all you know, you would be missed much and taken on a dinner date on your last day alone just like in the movie. Nothing brings two people in love the closest together than some solitude.

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