Beware! These Stress Busters can Actually Backfire

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Oct 30, 2014

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A tiring day at work can make you long for some stress busters as soon as you step inside your house. Unaware of the fact that these stress busters pose some serious threats to your health, you keep on treating them as your best buddies. But, here is a reality check.
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    Surprise! Surprise!

    After a stressful day at work, all you want to do is unwind to relax your tensed nerves. In search for peace, we resort to options which are most easily available at home. But, could you ever think that many of these stress-busters were backfiring? Of course, no. Hence, are some so-called stress-busters that don’t let you uncoil in real.

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    Watching TV

    Becoming a couch potato and watching TV or playing video games can make you feel better after having a long day at office. But, contrary to your belief is a study by German and Dutch researchers which found that people who were tired after work were more likely to feel guilty that TV and video games made them delay other important tasks.

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    Pondering Over

    After a long meeting, you may replay the entire thing in your mind over and over to pick up the pros and cons. Though you may find it very productive to ruminate, psychologists suggest the opposite.

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    Talking to Friends

    This is a habit most people would believe to be helpful. However, the research shows that when females sit to discuss with their pals, they have an increased release in the stress hormone.

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    When there is a deadline to be met, most people believe in multi-tasking. But, when you try to do too much at one go, it increases your stress level.

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    Excessive Sleeping

    To stay away from stressful conditions, many people sleep and that too in excess. But, before you turn a sleepy eye towards what’s bothering you, know this that more sleep can make you lethargic and you may end up being less focused towards coping with the trouble.

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    When in stress, eating food loaded with sugar or other fatty substances can act like a stress buster. You may feel a quick lift in your mood after hogging a cheese burger but, the calories you eat during stress are more likely to be stored as fat on the body.

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    Social Netwroking

    In recent times, it has become a habit for many people to get glued to their personal computers or laptops and log in to their Facebook accounts to distract themselves from a stressful situation. Researches have found that when a person sees a negative post from a friend on their wall, it can make them even more stressful.

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