Six reasons why your body is involuntarily shaking

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 19, 2015

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As we age, certain "most used" parts of body such as hands tend to shiver when held static. While this could be a sign of ageing, there may be other underlying reasons.
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    Shaking movements of the body also known as tremors are involuntary, rhythmic movements of parts of the body such as hands, arms, head and voice box. Such movements may be signs of some serious problem and should be treated as soon as possible. Here are the 6 possible reasons for such tremors. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Parkinson’s disease

    Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system, which often causes uncontrollable tremors of the body parts. The most significant symptoms are noticed in the hands. The defect in the brain, during Parkinson’s disease, causes the shaking movements as a result of unsuccessful attempt at controlling the movements. Such tremors of the hands help during the diagnosis of the disease. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Quitting drinking

    Alcohol withdrawal is also a common reason for shaking in the body. Medical care is recommended if a person experiences severe and uncontrollable tremors as a part of the withdrawal symptoms. If you have been drinking a lot, contact your doctor before quitting so that he can help you during the process. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Multiple sclerosis

    When the insulating covers of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are spoiled, they cause multiple sclerosis. It is an inflammatory disease that affects the communication ability of the nerves causing tremors or shaking movements in the body. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    Stroke affects the blood supply to the brain due to ischemia or haemorrhage. Stroke is also one of the major reasons for body shaking due to lesions or damage to the cerebellum. Contact your doctor if you notice such shaking movements. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    A severe traumatic injury to the brain due to an external force or device can also cause shaking movements in the body. One of the most common symptoms associated with TBI is moderate to severe shaking movements. Keep your doctor aware about such tremors if you have had a brain injury or even a surgery. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Sleep disorders

    Sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder and parasomnia are some sleep disorders that may also cause shaking movements in the body. When you are experiencing sleep disorders, your body develops mild to moderate shaking in some parts of the body when you are awake. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Although you don't have to panic about such shaking movements, however you should communicate everything to your doctor. If such shaking movements are left untreated or ignored for long, they may turn into a serious problem. If you have experienced any of the possible reasons mentioned above you need to be extra careful about such tremors. Image Courtesy: Getty

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