Things that Prove you are a Goal Digger and not a Bootlicker

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jan 17, 2015

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Independent women are one of a kind so you may not spot them easily. However, if you still manage to come across a few of them in your lifetime, we don’t want you to miss them out.
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    If she is Like this, She is a Keeper!

    A woman on your date reached for the check. Ahh! A dream come true! While all you women are wondering where all the 'men' have gone, you would be surprised to know what the opposite sex thinks. `Where have all the "independent" women gone?’ And by the word "independent" we mean women who leave you amazed with their thoughts, women who make you fall hopelessly in love with their visions about life and women who do not have a void in their lives which they want a man to fill. You can take our word on this ladies, a gaudy vermillion red lipstick may or may not spell a magic cast on the man but carrying the right attitude with confidence oozing from your eyes can do the job. So, in the crowd how do you identify that a woman is a goal digger and not a bootlicker?

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    Nobody Guides Her!

    Picture this! You are catching up with a group of long lost friends and you have fixed a deadline in your mind by which you must be out of that place so that you could fulfill your other commitments. It is obvious for all your friends to persuade you to spend some more time with them. In such a scenario, a gullible female would give in to the temptation of being with friends who she might not see for a long time after that. But, a woman who has her priorities set straight will not take guidance from anybody. Nobody tells her what to do. She does whatever the hell she wants to do.

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    She Fixes her Problems on her Own

    "I can fix my problems on my own", she'd say. Now that is the phrase that can perfectly put an independent woman’s personality into words. Such a characer makes men weak in their knees. From fixing a broken gas pipeline in the house to repairing a punctured tyre of the car, they can do it all by themselves. Who needs a man? Hah!

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    She can do it! And she can Do it Better

    A woman who isn’t tied to the shackles of the society does not hesitate in getting things done on her own. Waiting for a man to offer a helping hand is not her thing. She believes that she can do it and do it better than anyone else in the world . So, while you sit in a fully crowded bus looking for someone to pass on your ticket money to the bus conductor, this different species will cut the crowd, make her way and get the job done.

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    She has Never Felt the Need for a Man

    Not once and yes, you got it right not even once has she encountered a moment when her inner voice utters words like 'I need a man’. The saying when life gives you lemons, bring out the tequila’ holds absolutely true in her case. So, if you hear a woman saying "I almost had a `need a man’ moment, but then I got the vodka bottle open", oh man you have spotted a rare variety of women!

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    She is Always Busy Making it Big

    Usually the relationship status of a woman can be categorized into two:Single and taken. But, it doesn’t hold true for this rare kind. They have an all together different status which says `busy making money’. Unlike a cutsey tutsey chick sitting at a bar crying her eyes out over a troubled relationship, you will find this kind sitting in the same bar working on her laptop to make it big in her career. And yes, that leaves her with no time to worry about finding a man or getting overly concerned about her relationship status.

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    She is a Goal Digger

    The only one thing she likes to run after is her plans and goals. Nothing gets in the way and even if it does, she knows how to tackle it.  Trading her future plans with anything nonsensical is not what this kind of a woman would ever do.

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    She is an Early Riser

    Starting a day hours after the sun comes up is not what these women appreciate. They are nature lovers thus, waking up to fresh air and dew drops every morning fills them with energy and they enthusiastically look forward to the day. They need plans to execute thus, they need time to plan. This is why waking up early feels so right to them.

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