Signals your Body gives You Before a Heart Attack

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 26, 2014

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Heart diseases have been one of the most common causes of increasing death tolls in many countries. One of the main causes of deadly heart attacks is ignorance. If we can give proper attention to the signals which our body sends us, then heart diseases can be avoided effectively.
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    De-bunking the Myth

    Did you think that the only sign of a heart attack is chest pain? Well, in that case you will be amazed to know that signs leading to a heart attack are different for everyone. There are many factors which contribute to a heart attack including age, blood pressure, heredity, diet, stress and alcohol consumption. In order to prevent yourself from a stroke, it is essential for you to decode the signs your health is giving you before a heart attack.

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    Fatigue and Breathlessness

    We often relate fatigue with lack of rest to the body but surprisingly it is also a sign which your body gives you before a heart attack. If you feel exhausted often it can be a sign telling you that a heart attack is soon going to occur.

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    Your body can be giving you signs when you sweat profusely without any work outs or physical activities. If you notice cold sweats or clammy skin you must refer to a doctor.

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    Indigestion and other stomach related issues could be indicating towards a heart attack. If problems like heart burn, indigestion, gas problems occur often then it is high time you start considering heart troubles.

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    Chest Pain

    Chest pain is the most common symptom of a heart attack. If you are experiencing tightness in the chest it can be a distress call your body is sending out for you to be alert about the probable heart attack.

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    Body Ache

    Heart attack can mostly be associated with pain in the left arm. But if a heart attack is coming your way, other parts of the body like shoulder, back, throat and teeth can also ache.

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    A common experience all heart attack survivors have shared is the fear of death. When a heart attack is coming your way, you feel anxious and fear of death surrounds you all the time.

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    If your head feels light often and if you lose conscious every now and then, it may be a sign of abnormal heart conditions.

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    If your head feels light often and if you lose conscious every now and then, it may be a sign of abnormal heart conditions.

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    Irregular Pulse

    An irregular pulse when combined with any of the symptoms mentioned above can be a sign of the looming danger. If you haven’t started taking your rapid or irregular pulse seriously, it is high time you do it.

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    Before a heart attack, fluids begin to accumulate in the body which causes swelling in body parts like feet, ankles and abdomen. Weight gain and loss of appetite can also be a signal.

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