Self-massage moves for back and neck pain

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Aug 23, 2014

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Wondering how to ease the neck and upper back pain? These are common and may often leave you helpless, especially when you are alone. These self-massage techniques can help you relieve the aching neck and back.
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    You may always feel tired and exhausted making you long for a rejuvenating massage; however you can’t always have someone to help you with it. Self-massage can be your savior during such moments.  Here are some techniques to self-massage your back and neck to relieve the pain. Image Courtesy: getty

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    Technique 1

    You may often need to get your shoulder massaged. To do it yourself, begin with stroking your right shoulder with the left hand. Now stroke down from the base of the skull on the side of your neck.  Repeat the same for both shoulders for 3-4 times. Image Courtesy: getty

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    Technique 2

    Put your hand on your back right below the neck and make circular movements using fingertips on either side of the spine. Increase the pressure a little after the first couple of movements around the neck and the base of the skull. Image Courtesy: getty

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    Technique 3

    Gently squeeze and hold the back of your neck with your palm and slowly turn your head in the opposite direction, away from your hand that is holding your neck. Slowly bring your back to the center and release your neck. Repeat the same steps for 5 to 7 times on each side. Image Courtesy: getty

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    Technique 4

    Keeping your arm close to your body, form a fist and place the knuckles of index and middle fingers right below your ear. Now slowly turn your head in the opposite direction. Perform the same steps 5 to 6 times on each side. Image Courtesy: getty

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    Technique 5

    Gently place your hand right below the collar bone and firmly slide it over to your shoulder joint while applying some pressure. Now slowly lift your arm up and over pointing away from yourself. Repeat the same at least 5 times for each side. Image Courtesy: getty

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    Technique 6

    Place with your hands on the sides of your face and gently glide them down to the front of the neck. Then gently stroke over your neck and shoulders. Repeat the same for at least 10 times. It will help you with your neck pain and back ache.Image Courtesy: getty

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    Technique 7

    Wrap your fingers of one hand around the back of your neck and gently squeeze to apply some pressure with your palm. Slowly glide your hand down onto the shoulder. Repeat the same several times to get best results. Image Courtesy: getty

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    Technique 8

    Hold your left shoulder with your left hand so that the upper trapezius muscle is right beneath the palm. Now gently squeeze the muscle several time to relieve pain from the shoulder. Repeat the same on the other shoulder. Image Courtesy:  getty

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