Secrets your Mouth Reveals about Your Health

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 25, 2014

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Visiting the dentist for a tooth ache is what all of us do. But, have you ever considered consulting a dentist for bad breath? It may come as surprise to you that your mouth holds cues to your health.
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    The Science called Toothology

    Toothology is a method of determining a person’s overall health by checking the colour, texture, and general condition of his/her teeth.

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    Signs of Illness

    Pale nails, dark circles under eyes, headache, etc. are often considered to be signs of some serious trouble coming your way. However, there are few other signals which the white warriors of your body keep sending you and unfortunately, you tend to turn a blind eye on them.

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    Visiting the Dentist is Important

    Yes, we are referring to your teeth. Many of us usually think that visiting a dentist is only required when we have a tooth ache or a broken tooth. We also comfortably ignore the signals our teeth gives us regarding an ailment. So, this time ignorance ain’t no bliss. Learn to tell these signs and take corrective measures accordingly.

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    Aching Upper Molars

    The main cause of pain in your upper molars is sinusitis. The pain occurs when infection causes maxillary sinus-air cavities within the cheek bones and above the upper jaw to become inflamed. This creates pressure in the upper jaw and causes pain.

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    Tooth Sensitivity

    Tooth sensitivity is a common problem many of us come across in our daily lives. But, despite of it occurring every now-and-then, many people choose to ignore the trouble. Tooth sensitivity can be a sign of a serious problem. It can be an indication that you are suffering from acidity and heartburn.

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    Flat Teeth

    When in a stressful situation, many people have the habit of clenching and grinding their teeth. This leads to flat teeth, which makes the jaw tender and causes fatigue in the cheek muscles. So, if you see the shape of your teeth becoming flat, it’s time for you to prevent yourself from indulging in stressful situations.

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    Mouth Ulcers

    Mouth ulcers are a warning sign of poor immune system. Although very rare, mouth ulcers sometimes, can tell if you are likely to have mouth or throat cancer also.

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    Dry Mouth

    Dryness in the mouth can be an early sign of diabetes. The disease makes the blood vessels in the salivary glands to thicken and slow down the flow of saliva, leaving the gums at a high risk of infection.

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