Secret yet Common Male Fetishes

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Aug 13, 2014

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There are certain fetishes that most men have but think they are the only ones to have them. You will be surprised to know that your fetish is shared by most men and is quite common. Search the list to find your pick and know how you can involve it in your love life.
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    What Really is a Fetish?

    These days the word “fetish” is used more often for an irrational liking for something which has made the word lose its original, sexual meaning. Traditionally, it refers to a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends on some object or item of clothing or part of the body. And there are some fetishes for men which are too common than they probably realise. Here are some male fetishes that come up again and again, and ways to integrate them into your relationship for both of your pleasure. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Shoe Fetish

    We bet you thought shoes only made women sweaty with excitement. But, stilettos are a great source of sexual arousal for men. High heels can provide them with a lot of eroticized imagery because they have become a symbol of feminine power and aggressiveness. Men carve for this female dominance. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Integrating Shoe Fetish into Your relationship

    The next time you go out on a date night, ask your girl to let you to pick heels that she’d wear for the night. If she agrees, pick up the ones that turn you on the most. If you are lucky, ask her to leave the stilettos on. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Foot Fetish

    International Journal of Impotence Research published a study which said that men are highly likely to find feet and toes lustful. Wondering why? Turns out, focussing on the foot is like an act of humility. It’s almost like, “I am good enough to touch your feet.” Image Courtesy: Getty


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    How to Make Your Feet Fetish Happen

    This one is the easiest to incorporate into your foreplay; you could give your girl a foot massage or a pedicure. It is a very cultural and non-threatening proposal. And you can make your fantasy real by admiring her feet while you give her a rubdown. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Butt Fetish

    This even has a name for it:pygophilia. It is an innate characteristic rather than a learned one. The human species is naturally attracted to butts and they are a common object of fantasy for both men and women. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Integrating Butt Fetish with some “Action”

    Your everyday romance is an easy platform to incorporate your affinity for a nice butt. Simple sex positions like doggy style or reverse cowgirl allow easy access to her butt. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Bondage Fetish

    A dominating guy outside the bedroom may get turned on at the idea of being tied up inside it. Something people don’t have in reality comes out in sexual fantasies and that’s where bondage comes to play. Being tied to the bed with your tie is an accessible fetish. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Making Bondage Fetish Happen

    Start with everyday objects, like a necktie or the tie of your robe—things that are relatively non-threatening.  And when you both are ready for materials, look for leather restraints that have Velcro closures which can be put on and off the hands easily. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Exhibitionism Fetish

    In a recent study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, more than 10 percent of guys reported at least one instance of voyeuristic or exhibitionist behaviour. Most guys like to watch people having sex, and that could be one of the reasons why pornography is more popular among men. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Integrating Exhibitionism in Your Romance

    Voyeurism is illegal and your girl might freak out. But, you two can watch porn together. But, remember to ask her before you try any of these tricks. Image Courtesy: Getty

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