Say NO to these things during sex

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 05, 2014

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It is very essential for both the sexes to satisfy their partners sexually. Yet there are instances where both men and women commit mistakes which cause their sex lives to become boring.
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    Bedroom mistakes

    Bedroom mistakes often become a subject of concern for many people. While some women are bothered by the fact that a bad sex life will end them up in losing their partner, few men think it is very essential to make their lady shudder while having an orgasm. Therefore, it becomes very important to avoid few commonly occurring mistakes between the sheets to have a healthy and happy sex life.

  • 2

    Sex sans enthusiasm

    Showing your partner that you too are having a good time is very important. Instead of lying in the bed like a wooden plank, show some enthusiasm and take active part in the act. Giving your partner an impression that there were better things that you would be doing instead of having sex can lead to a troubled bedroom life.

  • 3

    Asking questions

    Making sure that your partner is having a pleasurable experience is definitely a good idea but constantly nagging him/her by asking questions during intercourse are a turn off. Asking questions continuously such as if `this was ok’, `if he/she likes it’, `how does it feel’ may not be appreciated every time.

  • 4

    Taking a phone call

    Answering a phone call during sex or checking a text message is a big NO. This would surely give your partner an impression that there were more important things for you at the moment than sex. Keep your mobile phone or any other sort of distractions away while you are in the act.

  • 5

    Staying silent

    Making noise during sex can sometimes be the most arousing factor for your partner. But sometimes you may not want to disturb other inmates. However, make sure that your partner gets to hear you moan in pleasure at regular intervals. Staying dead silent can leave your partner wondering if you are even interested.

  • 6

    Talking about your ex

    Talking about your past experiences with someone else must not even be the last thing to do during sex. Even if your past experiences have been amazingly pleasurable, never bring them up during the intercourse. Talking about your ex is a big turn off for your partner and can lead to a distressed sex life.

  • 7

    Not paying attention to other parts of the body

    Concentrating on the sex organs no doubt is a good idea but other parts of the body which can sexually arouse your partner should not be ignored. Body parts such neck, knees, wrists and stomach can turn out to be highly erogenous zones.

  • 8

    Having raunchy sex

    Although some couples may like it dirty, you should always make it a point to ask your partner if he/she is ok with raunchy sex. At times, your partner may be wishing to have a quiet and intimate intercourse and not treat sex like porn. Therefore, it is advisable to talk it out before you get into the act.

  • 9

    Being unimaginative

    Creativity is the key to a healthy sex life. Coming up with new ideas and mixing up different moves during sex can be really useful. Introducing variation to every sexual act can leave your partner speechless and wanting for more.

  • 10

    Not informing your partner before climax

    Your partner deserves to know when `you are done’ beforehand. You must inform your partner that you are climaxing. This will keep your partner prepared and your ejaculation will not come to her as a surprise.

  • 11

    Throwing your weight on your partner

    One must know how to differentiate between a workout session and a sexual intercourse. While having sex, make sure that your weight is not hindering your partner’s ability to breathe. Women who like staying on top should balance their body weight on their partner. If your partner is uncomfortable, this would kill the chances of a sexual encounter.

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