Safety pin hacks for every Indian woman and man

By:Suhail Sattar, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Oct 14, 2015

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Following all successful women, who have happened to avoid malfunction over sari pleats and the open shirt button that creates a little window -is the safety pin.
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    Wear the perfect sari

    All Indian women are familiar with this because safety pins have been here for generations. Safety pins have helped ladies in situations when their sari could have easily malfunctioned. Use of safety pin helps keep your straps in place and also holds up your pleats from slipping off.

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    Helps pair your socks together

    If you have the habit of misplacing one sock in a pair, pinning them both up with a safety pin is the best option available to never lose your mind over it ever again. Doing this will help you save time.  You can also wash them together if you fear losing them in the washing machine.

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    Helps stay static-free

    Many a times your winter wardrobe especially flannels or sweaters get affected by static. But, this electric charge can be fixed easily. All you need to do is use a metal safety pin, which will break the charge, allowing you to wear the fabric more often.

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    Safety pin can be used like a fancy key chain

    Do you often lose your keys? Using a large safety pin can keep all your keys mutual. And just in case you happen to have a bunch of them, you can make a strand.

    Image source: improvisedlife

  • 5

    Zip fixer

    If you have a broken zipper tab and want an immediate fix without spending money, you can easily replace the broken tab with a safety pin that would work as effectively as a normal pin tab.

    Image source: idiva

  • 6

    First aid kit

    Having a safety pin in a first aid box can be very useful as it can help in securing bandages and also in opening jammed medicine bottles.

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