Running Tips For Beginners

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 13, 2014

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If you are planning to run then here are some tips just for you. Take a look!
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    Start Running Now!

    On occasions when you happen to wake up early and look down upon the empty street below your home you may have noticed men and women running. People in their track suits, or t shirts and shorts, they are just running at 6:15 a.m. Are they insane? Who does not know the pleasure of sleeping? But then if you joined them every morning you would know what difference this ritual makes, it makes a difference to your body, mind and soul. True story. Regular running can reduce your risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, and not to mention it can reduce that much hated fat from your body. So, before you run out to run, read this.

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    Preparing is the key for those who want to start running. If you have not done this before then you should know that there is a lot of mental preparation required. Start by fixing the time and the duration of your run and then go for the run one fine day. It does not really have to be early morning and you could choose any time of the day according to your liking.

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    Get Equipment

    This is essential if you are going to run. Buy proper equipments for running, by this we mean good shoes and comfortable clothes. Do not buy clothes that are too lose or too tight. Get clothes that are just fitting for you perfectly and that would be fine. Also, you can buy a small mp3 player as your favourite music could really help you with the running.

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    Start Small

    You aren’t really a marathon champion and therefore you should be careful as to how you start your run. Do not start very big and go on a long run that will never help you. At the end of it you will be very exhausted and you will hate the idea of running ever again. So, start with small distances and then increase it with time. You just need to be regular that’s it.

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    Eat Something

    As opposed to popular thinking, yes you should eat something before going on a run. Your body is a machine and food is the oil that keeps it running and when you are empty stomach it can be a disaster! So eat something light, not heavy food of course and wait until you are comfortable to go for the run. You should eat heavy and well after returning from your run.

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    Get a Friend

    Talk your friend into running with you as that would be great! Most times we give up because we are not motivated all that well. When you have a friend by your side to run with you every day and to push you during times when you falter, the entire process makes more sense and you benefit from it.

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    Warm Up/Stretch

    Warming up is very important and you must do so before you start your run. Try some walking and light jogging before you take it to the next level. Your body is usually very much tied up and by warming up you will allow your body to get ready for what is to come next. By warming up and stretching you will loosen your body and it is great for the run!

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    Drink Water

    Always remember to hydrate yourself when you are running. During all types of weather, be it cold or warm when you drink water you sweat, you lubricate your joints and ligaments and it also helps to carry the blood more efficiently to all the major organs. When you are running and also when you are not, water is your best friend. So hydrate away!

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    Change Route

    The same running route can be very boring and irksome, and therefore you must change your route more often. This will allow you to get some change in your monotonous running routine, and will allow you to look forward to something new. Running should be a fun process and when you get stuck to one thing it can be really dull.

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    Set a Goal

    There needs to be something to get you motivated, and without it you will never be able to take your run to the next level. You have to determine a goal and in order to reach this goal you run, and until you reach that goal you will continue to run. Then once you have accomplished it, you can pick a new goal.

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    Mix and Match

    A good runner is that person who can mix and match with his running routine. When running you should make sure to add some jogs and some prints in between for a better result. Add 30 seconds sprints after running at a stretch for 30 minutes and this will definitely bring quality to your running.

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