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Relationship lessons we can learn from our parents

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 15, 2016
If you often wonder how one can be good at relationships, you need to look up to your family. Here is what you can learn about relationships from your parents.
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    Small things matter

    There is nothing more pleasant than knowing that your mother would be eagerly waiting for you with something refreshing to drink or eat when you reach home from office in the evening. You feel on top of the world on seeing your dad rushing outside to get medicines when you feel sick regardless of the time of day. All such things may seem insignificant, but these small things, when part of a daily life, are as significant as anything else.

    Small things matter
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    Family is priority

    For your parents, there is nothing that can possibly come before family. You may have often noticed them making it a point to spend quality time with their parents on a regular basis. No matter how busy they get in their day to day work, they will manage time to either have a tea or coffee with the family or just sit together and watch TV together. Have you ever given a thought why did your parents insist on celebrating your birthdays together? That’s because they know there is nothing more important than family.

    Family is priority
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    Fights are not wars

    You may not want to admit it but truth is, we all have seen our parents fight. Haven’t we? Half of times they fight for small reasons and sometimes they do fight on major ones. But those fights are like part and parcel of any married couple’s life. They never turn into" I hate you and I don’t want to see you face ever again" types, instead they are arguments that are actually healthy. So, what's here for us is to learn how not to take fights seriously.

    Fights are not wars
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    Living within your income isn’t tough after all

    None us of like it when our parents tell us think twice before spending money on anything. You never understand why your dad still drives that old car when he can afford a new SUV. Well, that because they know how to run a house within ones income. Your parents might not have done PhD. in economics but they still get their financial planning absolutely right. They had enjoyed when they wanted to and they took a step back when they needed too. Won’t be it amazing if you could do the same?

    Living within your income isn’t tough after all
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    Love is love even when you don’t say it often

    You know what’s a rare phenomenon? Seeing your parents say 'I love you' to each other that is! You would see them sitting on the sofa and watch TV together or go for shopping together. They would stand by for each other on good and bad days but you won’t see them saying the words I love you.  Well, they don’t have to because they know they love each other to the core. Image Source: Getty

    Love is love even when you don’t say it often
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