Reasons Why Every Girl Needs a Guy Friend

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 02, 2014

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Women need someone in their time of trouble, when they are having issues with their boyfriends, husbands or roommates. This is why every girl needs that one guy friend.
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    Benefits of having a guy best friend

    Women need someone when they are having issues with their boyfriends, fiancés, husbands or roommates. So, who do they turn to? Who can they trust? This is why every girl needs that one guy friend who makes their life a bit easier. (Image source:Getty)

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    He won’t do mind-reading but ask what he needs to know

    A lot of miscommunication comes out from people thinking you can read their minds. Unlike your favourite gal pals, he won’t try to figure out what is on your mind but ask you for it. (Image source:Getty)

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    He will be drunk, but in control

    Most guys can handle and hide the emotions alcohol may bring out. When you’re drinking with him, there will be no drunk crying. Expect good vibes and fun environment. (Image source:Getty)

  • 4

    You will spend less

    Guys hate shopping; you can save a lot of money when a guy is your best friend. Unlike girls, they would not take you to or plan trips to shopping mall. When they shop, they go to the store, get what they need and leave. That’s it! (Image source:Getty)

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    Don’t worry that you’re single

    You don’t have to worry of being single as you’ll always have a date. Whenever you need a company or want to go clubbing, it’s really easy. Another benefit – no hook up that you will regret the day after. (Image source:Getty)

  • 6

    You will save your energy

    A guy best friend is less likely to indulge you in unnecessary conversations. They will be straight to the point. If you tell them that you will reach class at 10, they will say ‘alright, see you.’ No further questions. (Image source:Getty)

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    A chance to listen to guy’s gossip

    Guys don’t gossip! Guys talk just as much as girls do. From guys, you will hear the juiciest gossip. So listen up. (Image source:Getty)

  • 8

    You don’t have to bother about calories

    With a guy, calories don’t matter. He won’t order anything that is bland considering its fewer calories. He will order something that is tastier and it could be filled with just as many calories. Don’t you want that freedom? (Image source:Getty)

  • 9

    He can advise you, honestly!

    The guy best friends will listen carefully and give you honest advice or opinion when you ask for it. They won’t fill your mind with anything that isn’t honest. He is more concerned about the truth than your feelings. (Image source:Getty)

  • 10

    Caught in a problem? He has a solution

    A guy friend is problem solver! They will always offer up their ear when you are in need of venting. They want to fix things, not just to talk and go around it. Rather than re-reading your breakup text again, they will steer you toward a solution. (Image source:Getty)

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