Quick tricks to improve your workout results

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 09, 2014

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There are always few tricks that help you workout better and achieve the desired results. Your workout sans these techniques can lead to failed results and can shake your determination. Don’t let that happen. Here are some of those tricks.
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    Use the Quick Tricks

    No matter how much you sweat on the treadmill, how much time you spend doing crunches or how heavy the weights are that you lift, does the weighing machine appear to be stuck or does the measuring tape seem to be giving wrong measurements? Well, don’t blame the machines because it isn’t them who are giving the wrong results, but you who has a room for improvement when it comes to workout. We all commit mistakes during workout and rectifying them is of utmost importance for good health. So, here few techniques with which you can get the desired results.

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    Always Carry a Cold Water Bottle

    When you plan to run a couple of rounds in the nearby park, make sure you grab a bottle of cold water with you. Also, make sure that you have put that bottle in the freezer for a while before taking it out. A study from Stanford University showed that participants who held a cold device during workout, experienced less fatigue and they could exercise for longer durations in warm conditions.

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    Drink a Cup of Coffee

    This is an Olympians secret:right before you head off towards your gym, drink a cup of coffee. More than 2/3 of the athletes who were studied for the research had caffeine in their urine which made it the most used drug in sports. In a new study, it was found that participants who consumed a caffeinated drink before a weight-lifting session were able to perform more before they got exhausted and enthusiastically looked forward for the next workout.

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    Use Foam Roller More Often

    Are muscle knots hampering your normal life? Is a massage therapist an everyday guest at your house? Well, not anymore provided you make friends with the foam roller. You cannot stretch out knots like tight muscles because they can often cause tears and muscle imbalance. But, when you have a foam roller, knots can be treated at home by making use of your own body weight. Lie with a specific body part on the foam roller and keep rolling till you feel relaxed. Keep moving back and forth on the area for a few moments and repeat this daily.

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    Stay Hydrated

    It can be highly beneficial for your body to drink water before and after the workout. However, drinking water hours before the workout can benefit you the most. Keep sipping water every hour and this shall help you hit the gym in the best shape possible. When you have plans go through strenuous exercise, you must begin to drink water early in the day to make sure that your body has enough reserves. This will also let you excrete any excess water in your body before workout.

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    Apply Sunscreen

    This is a timeless advice which you must follow every time you decide to workout outdoors. While applying sunscreen on a sunny day is what most people do, skipping it on a rainy day or during an early morning run is also a common practice. A cancer biologist and assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center told the Runner’s World that "daily sunscreen should be just a starting point. Put it on as routinely as you brush your teeth".

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    Put on Some Good Pair of Socks

    Always opt for a pair of socks that are made from polypropylene or wool, which can help you keep blisters away and their moisture-absorbent property will prevent fungal infections and pale spots on the feet called macerations. Also, as soon as you are done with your workout, take off your socks. Give your feet some air which will let it dry easily.

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    Munch on Some Snacks

    It is a proven theory that when your body is empty, it cannot work to its fullest. When you keep munching regularly, your body has stored fuel worth an hour’s high intensity workout. However, if you don’t feel like eating much, choose a nationally balanced small meal and eat it almost two hours before the workout. You could also snack about 30 minutes before hitting the gym.

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