Are you Nervous? These Habits will Tell you

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 23, 2014

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Nervousness and anxiety makes us do things that can turn out to be unabashing. But, these habits can lead to health hazards and make the people around us irritable. Get rid of these habits and pose a confident personality before the world.
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    Fight your Nervousness

    Nervousness is a state of mind which is caused by anxiety. The jumpiness makes you follow some habits like fidgeting and fussing around which people around you may not appreciate. There are few habits which come to you naturally in times of anxiety and pressure and surprisingly, some of these habits can prove to be very hazardous for your health. So, in order to eradicate these habits completely you first need to identify them.

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    Nail Biting

    It’s okay to bite your nails while watching a horror or a suspense thriller movie. But, when it becomes a habit it starts damaging your nails and the skin around.

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    Hair Pulling and Twirling

    When you twist the strands of your hair every now-and-then the roots of your hair become weak and become prone to breakage.

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    Cracking your Neck

    When you want to release stress, you often twist your neck on one side. This releases the gases inside the joints between vertebrae and makes a popping sound. But, this habit can make the surrounding ligaments of your neck more prone to injury.

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    Touching Face

    Many people in surprise, shock, or grief have a habit of touching their face repeatedly. This leads to acne and can damage the top microscopic layer of skin.

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    Teeth Grinding

    Mostly all of us have the habit of grinding our teeth in anxiety. This may release stress temporarily but it can leave your teeth damaged for a long time. Your teeth become prone to breakage and cracking.

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    Eating Candies

    Anxiousness makes you reach for candies which leave your teeth filled with sugar. This leads to cavities and can end you up having a root canal treatment.

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    Biting your Lip

    When you lick your lips in nervousness, it exposes them to the digestive enzymes of the mouth. Biting lips develops fibromas, and a firm flesh which will be removed only through surgery.

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    Cheek Chewing

    Like your lips, you also bite the inside of your cheek in nervousness. This can lead to scarring of the area, inflammation, and bleeding.

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    Chewing Gum

    To relieve stress, many people opt for chewing gums. The over use of jaws exposes them to risk of TMJ. Also, the air which goes inside while chewing can produce gastric troubles in the stomach.

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