Myths about Oral Sex

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 21, 2012

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Myths about oral sex have been pervasive for centuries, especially in the Indian society. Despite of the reluctance to pick up a debate on oral sex, it is indisputably one of the hottest trends among people. Here are a few myths about oral sex that have seeped into the lives of those who hesitate to indulge in it and those who don’t care.
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    Going Down Under

    Many people need oral sex for arousal before hitting the sack, or during or after the action. According to studies, at least 20 to 50 percent of adolescents perform their oral duties before their first sexual occurrence. Oral sex may be the newest and hottest friend for people around the world; there still are many apprehensions and myths that harbour ion people’s minds. Here we bust 8 of such baseless oral sex myths.

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    Myth: Oral sex can make you lose your virginity

    Fact: tThe slightest mention of sex has people flinching as if every time the term sex is used it is to signify losing virginity. Oral sex is a part of foreplay, which does not involve the contact of sexual organs and therefore, does not make a person non-virgin.

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    Myth: Oral sex can make you pregnant

    Fact: most women have the fear of getting pregnant upon having oral sex. Oral sex alone can in no way lead to pregnancy. The male sperms have to fuse with the female eggs to result in pregnancy. During oral sex, the sperm is either in the mouth or gets ejaculated on the body whereby it does not come in contact with the eggs anyhow.

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    Myth: oral sex is unhygienic

    Fact: Oral sex is unhygienic only if it is practised with multiple partners simultaneously. It is desirable that women ensure their partners take proper personal care in terms of hygiene considering that men urinate and ejaculate from the same point.

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    Myth: You can never have an orgasm with oral sex

    Fact: Oral sex is a part of foreplay, which is used to arouse sexual desires in the partner. Orgasm occurs when the sexual organs are stimulated, which is exactly what oral sex does. Therefore, one can expect to have an orgasm be way of oral sex even before sexual intercourse.

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    Myth: Oral sex is entirely safe

    Fact: Oral sex involves the transmission of body fluids. Therefore, the probability of getting STDs is high. The worst part of having oral sex is that if your partner is infected with an STD, you will get the infection, which will be apparent on your face.

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    Myth: Ejaculatory fluid from penis can clear your acne when rubbed on skin.

    Fact:  It is a clearly ridiculous myth which is not backed by any scientific evidence. There are many inaccurate associations of oral sex with our culture and lifestyle beyond the fact that it provides pleasure. Lack of sex education in most developing nations is the reason behind couples being so uninformed about oral sex. This is why such myths make their way into people’s minds.

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    Myth: Brushing your teeth before oral sex will prevent STIs from spreading.

    FACT: In fact, when you brush your teeth, microscopic tears form in your mouth that makes it easier for bacteria to transfer. Don’t floss or brush your teeth just before or after performing oral sex because it can tear the lining of your gums and increase potential exposure to any virus, if present. In order to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and diseases transmitted through oral sex, you should prefer using condoms or dental dams.

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    Myth: You can’t get HIV through oral sex.

    Fact: It is true that oral sex isn’t as potential as vaginal or anal sex in transmitting HIV-infection, but it can possibly do that. If you have open sores on the genitals or your mouth, they can cause breaks in the skin of your mouth, gum diseases or bleeding. These breaks work as a contact between semen or vaginal fluid and the mucus membranes of the mouth. When both partners kiss, and have cuts or sores in the mouth or bleeding gums (caused by brushing or flossing your teeth), they are at an increased risk of contracting HIV.

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