Myths About Female Sexuality and Why They're Wrong

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Aug 05, 2014

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Think you know all about female sexuality? While you may think you know a lot, there is a possibility that you really don't know much. Such myths not only make it hard to understand a woman but they may also pose risks to healthy relationships.
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    The Female Sexuality

    Women are considered to be less involved in sexual thoughts, desires and activities, all of which may either be true or just overblown myths. Here are some myths regarding female sexuality with reasons stating why you shouldn't be falling prey to them. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Women Have Fewer Orgasms

    It is believed that women may not orgasm as easily as men do, leading to fewer orgasms overall. However, this myth doesn't stand a chance because in reality several women may have more orgasms than their male partners during intercourse. While women with reserved and religious upbringing may not show it openly, most women have orgasms just like men. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Women Need to be Emotionally attached to Have Sex

    While most women seek emotional attachment with their partners, it may not always affect their sexuality. Women, just like men, can have sex just for the sake of it i.e. without the need for any emotional involvement. However, women living in male dominant societies will always tend to build emotional attachment before sex as they fear of being judged. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Women are Less Likely to Cheat

    Women are as likely to cheat as men; it's just that they are less likely to admit it. If someone else other than the partner expresses interests towards the woman, she ends up with a resourceful of men to pick from. While men often like to show off the number of affairs they are having or have had, women may not admit it as they wouldn't like losing a relationship for another. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    She Isn't Into You Anymore If She Fantasizes About Others

    Women can fantasize about imaginary partners while still being completely into their partner. Fantasizing about someone else may only be a stimulating thought for them and they may not even want anything to happen in real. Men and women are quite similar when it comes to fantasizing about others. It's usually just a thought and nothing more to have any sort of effect on the present relationship. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Women Don’t Like Sex as Much as Men Do

    It has been a common notion that it is the man who wants to have sex with the woman and not vice-versa. While it may be common for the male partner to take the first step, the female partner may be as willing to enjoy another intimate encounter with her partner as the man. Women may even have casual sex in a new relationship if they find it easy to avoid being stigmatized. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Women are Always more Choosy

    Yes, women are usually choosier than men, however this is not specific to women. Women may often take initiatives in approaching the men they like. When women appear to be choosier about their partners, they are usually just being careful and avoiding being judged. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Women Don't Think Much about Sex

    Women and men think alike about sex. Women, however, may not be as comfortable in sharing their thoughts on the subject as compared with men. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Women Prefer Powerful Men

    While every woman may seek safety and care from her partner, it is a myth that women prefer men with powerful status. Several studies have busted the myth by concluding that men and women value almost all attributes equally. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    Women Want Fewer Partners

    You may know more men who are after woman than the other way around, but the truth is that  even men want fewer partners. In fact, studies have found that when men aren't bragging about their achievements they accept hoping to get a single partner for a lifetime. Similarly, women also seek a single partner.  Image Courtesy: Getty

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