10 Myths about Breast Cancer

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 18, 2013

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Seeking reliable sources of information about breast cancer can lead improvement in both diagnosis and treatment. Beat the myths about Breast cancer here!
  • 1

    Men don't get Breast Cancer

    On the contrary, men can develop breast cancer, too. Although, the number of breast cancer cases in men is less as compared with that in women, men do get it. Many believe that breast cancer is only diagnosed in women; however, hundreds of men get diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

  • 2

    Pills Cause Cancer

    Women on pills sometimes, worry about developing breast cancer because of the pills. You should contact your doctor if you have any doubt about this. Birth control pills do contain small amounts of estrogen, however, the amount is too small and is not even a factor in breast cancer development.

  • 3

    Breast Cancer is Incurable

    Like other cancer types, the earlier the breast cancer is detected, the higher are the chances for it to be treated. Doctors advise regular self examination and immediate consultation if anything abnormal is discovered.

  • 4

    Mastectomy is the only Treatment for Breast Cancer

    Mastectomy is not the only option for treating breast cancer since there are several treatments for breast cancer including chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

  • 5

    Underwire Bras can cause Breast Cancer

    It was thought that wearing an underwire bra could cause breast cancer. Although underwire bras are occasionally linked to health conditions including breast pain, mastitis and allergies, breast cancer is not on the list.


  • 6

    Caffeine Causes Breast Cancer

    Researchers have found no causal link between breast cancer risk and caffeine, and no scientific proof to explain the connection between drinking coffee and breast soreness. Caffeine may actually lower breast cancer risks, though this notion still needs a follow-up study to confirm it.

  • 7

    Only Women above the age of 40 years can Develop Cancer

    Although, a woman's risk of developing breast cancer increases with age, women of all ages can develop breast cancer. Women in their 20s are at a risk of breast cancer too, though the chances are slimmer than for women in their 40s. Hence, it is advisable for women in their 20s to start conducting monthly self examination.

  • 8

    Usage of Antiperspirant Deodorant Triggers Cancer

    Rumour has it that if you cut yourself while shaving the underarm area and then apply antiperspirant deodorant on it, the parabens in it may go inside your body and cause breast cancer. This is one of the most popular myths about breast cancer.

  • 9

    A Lump in the Breast is breast cancer

    A lump in the breast can indicate many things, not just cancer. More than 80% percent of lumps found are benign, however, if you discover a lump in your breast, get it checked by the doctor.

  • 10

    Breast Implants increase Cancer Risks

    Recent researches say that the connection between breast cancer and implants does not exist. Although, breast implant may increase the risks of Ana plastic Large Cell Lymphoma, a rare type of cancer that disrupts the immune system, however, connection with breast cancer is low.

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