Most Exciting Places to have Sex in

By:Bhadra Kamalasanan, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 07, 2014

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Ditch that bed for once and explore these amazing places to make love in. You'll thank us.
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    Ditching the Bed

    Making love on the bed is done-to-death. So, you gotta do something to keep the excitement rolling and experiment with new places that you have never really explored before. If you mix sex and risk both, you will have the most thrilling sexual experience. Ever! If you just cannot get the drift on which places to try making love in, here are a few suggestions after knowing which you would want to thank us.

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    No, you do not have to head straight to the forest to experience the bliss of having sex with the nature surrounding you. Besides, you run the risk of being jailed for practicing sexual activity in the open like that. So, you could head to the balcony, the terrace or the lawn. There is some sort of an adrenaline rush when you make out in public and being aware of the possibility of someone walking in on your private session. Remember how exciting it was to walk into the dark corners of your college with your partner and make out in the shadows? Relive those moments!

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    Preferably yours, because you are going to riding her and not vice-versa. The back seat may not be as comfortable as the bed, but it is the best place to get frisky. There is a reason why girls dig men who have their own cars and that is the possibility of their fantasy of getting things spiced up even before heading to the bedroom fulfilled. Hit the back seat and get the excitement rolling.

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    No, not the public swimming pool; but a private pool if you have the time and budget to book one. The buoyancy of the water will help you two to move swiftly across one end to the other. Water will get the temperature going up. And because you guys are already wearing minimal clothes, it would not take much effort to rip them off each other’s body.

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    The couch is one helluva exciting place to have sex in. It is for lounging so you can imagine the comfort in that little space that you would get. So, plunge into the couch when you enter home with your woman in your arms and get going.

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    Making out in the park these days is not so much of a threat considering that you’ll find more couples than kids. No matter how much the place looks inviting for a naughty time, just try your best to not get caught. You could hit the park in the middle of the night when there is no one around but a light breeze. Start by taking a walk together in the romantic air and move gradually towards the crunch.

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    Kitchen Slab

    You may never have thought of putting anything on that slab other than food, but think how it would be if you had to sit on it with your partner half naked. Passionate, eh? The kitchen slab will make your experience a wonderful piece of memory that would turn you on every time you think about it.

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    You’d have to do some planning should you want to make love inside a tent. First, find out if you can rent one in a far off place that is overlooking a valley. If you can, consider the mood set. Yes, there is the risk of the tent coming down any moment, but isn’t that the icing on the cake?

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    Tease your partner into a hot frenzy by lathering him/her up in the bathtub. If you do not have a bathtub, you would do just perfectly well under the shower.

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    Nothing makes sex hotter than sticking each other’s bodies up against the wall and dwelling deeper into passionate lovemaking.  Keeping to the wall will want the two of you to desperately get to the bed, but staying up longer will heat things up to the summit of insanity.

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