Mango can give you glowing and spotless skin

By:Namrata Dutta, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 23, 2016

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Mango is one of the most delectable fruits. The succulence and the sweetness is something that makes the mango the most craved fruit in summers but did you know that mango is very beneficial for your skin as well.
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    Mango for a glowing skin

    Enriched with Vitamin A and Beta-carotene, mango renews, rejuvenates and revives your skin with life and gives your skin the desired glow.

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    Natural blackhead remover

    Have a teaspoon of mango pulp, half teaspoon of honey and milk powder, make a scrub out of it and scrub it in circular motion around your nose and face. This will help you get rid of dead skin and blackheads.

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    The anti-ageing qualities

    The antioxidants present in mangoes help in delaying the ageing and pigmentation.

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    The pimple and acne healer

    The Vitamin C enriched mango helps cure pimples and acne. Also it helps reduce the dark spots when it is mixed with yogurt and applied as a face pack.

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    The natural moisturizer

    When mango pulp is applied directly on face, it acts as natural moisturizer and smoothens out your skin.

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    Complexion enhancer and skin cleanser

    The vitamin A present in Mangoes can help you get rid of tanning along with giving you a healthy skin and great complexion. You can take some raw or ripe mango, add some milk in it, apply and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash with cold water, you can have a clearer complexion.

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    Skin exfoliation

    Prepare an exfoliating mask by mixing ¼ peeled mangoes, 2 spoons of whole milk and crushed oats and almonds in a blender. Apply this on your face and neck, leave for a couple of minutes and then scrub it off. Wash with luke warm water and you will see the difference.

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