Make Goodbyes Hurt a Little Less

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Aug 06, 2014

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Do goodbyes get easier at a point? Yes they do; when you allow them to be. Farewells are always overwhelming but certain emotional approaches can make them less painful and easier to handle.
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    The Pain of Goodbye

    Moving to another house, ending of a relationship, bereaving a loved one, changing a job, or a family member moving out of the house, all forms of goodbyes are inevitable and they are painful. Goodbyes are of different kinds, some sublimely painful, others mundanely; but knowing how to deal with the pain that goodbyes bring upon us can reward us with a new ‘hello’ in life. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Nothing Lasts Forever

    We are human beings; we laugh, we enjoy, we get angry, we cry, and we feel. But everything ends. The reasons that trigger all these reactions in us, end. And we have to accept life as it comes. Realising this fact makes it easier to say goodbye. Whenever a farewell arrives, and you feel overwhelmed, remember that it was bound to come. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Coping with Goodbyes

    A lot of small things can help you soothe yourself after you have had to say a goodbye. You could listen to music, talk to a friend, take a walk, watch a movie, or write your feelings down. Pull out everything you’ve packed in your personal suitcase and use them to manage your feelings as you say goodbye. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    It’s all right to have Mixed Feelings

    If you’re leaving your job for further opportunities, and you’re both sad and excited about it, trust us you’re not insane. It’s normal to feel like this. What you’re experiencing are the feelings of loss and anticipation and these you will encounter at every transitional phase of your life. Open yourself up to these conflicting emotions and you will do just fine. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Pain doesn’t Mean Your Decision is Wrong

    When you’re feeling sad about leaving behind people and things to embrace a new situation, it doesn’t really mean you’ve made a wrong decision. Contradictory feelings accompany even when we make the best possible moves in  our lives. So, stop second judging yourself just because you are feeling happy and sad to say goodbye. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Putting Words to Your Feelings

    If you’re finding it difficult to say goodbye, and are having mixed feelings, put them into words. Talk to a friend about how you are feeling, but set the stage first so that they don’t get worried that you’ve gone off the deep end. Ask them to listen to you because you are trying to sort out your feelings. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Reflecting on All Aspects

    Leaving for a semester abroad, a job, a house, or a relationship can make you too emotional. Take some time out to reflect on both the good and bad aspects of your experience. You could easily turn this experience into a bad one by thinking of all the things you could have done but didn’t. Balance it out with fulfilling thoughts too so that leaving becomes doable. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Giving Yourself Time

    Whether the goodbye was brought on by life changes, illness and death, or the end of a relationship, you need to adjust in your new life and for that you need time. Give yourself that kind of time that it takes for the pain to ease. Don’t look, back at the memories in a more complex or rosy way than they really were. Just give yourself a chance to adjust to the differences. Image Courtesy: Getty

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